Cupcake Mitten Kits!

If you haven’t seen her patterns before, SpillyJane has a whole bevy of amazing and adorable colorwork mitten and sock patterns, from robots and skulls to seascapes and traditional patterning. I am a big fan! And when she released the Cupcake Mittens this fall, I knew right away that I had to cast on as soon as possible.


And, okay, I’ll admit it – I had to make these in Tosh Sock because it is really soft and the array of colors is not only gorgeous but also allowed me to duplicate the colors of the original with yarn we had available immediately. But since they are 4 oz skeins, I hated the idea of breaking into a whopping 9 skeins when I’d only use small amounts of 8 of them. Hence, the kits were born!


I wanted to offer some background color options, so I’ve selected four that work well with the eight-color cupcake motif – Clover, Denim, Tern, and Wood Violet. I used one with Clover as the background color to make the mittens above. These are a quick holiday knit, especially if you have a cupcake lover in your life!