New Shoes!

scarf-close-smallOkay, not really. What I have is a new scarf, and I couldn’t be more excited. Finishing up gloves, scarves, hats and sweaters for Christmas gifts in all the northerly snow reminded me over and over that the cobbler’s children have no shoes. Yes, it’s true – I did not own a scarf, or a pair of gloves (I do have a fabulous Hannah hat, though). My hands were so cold in New Jersey that I whipped up a quick pair of mittens with some leftover Tosh Worsted, but I continued to dream of one day owning a snuggly scarf.

This guy, whom I have affectionately dubbed Snuggles, was knit out of two skeins of Eyre in the Garden Party colorway that I snagged months ago due to a child-like infatuation with anything rainbow colored. This was the perfect use for them, as the yarn is so cuddly and soft that any excuse to have it near your face is more than welcome, and the cables are pretty without overpowering the colorway. I used a little more than half of the second skein before realizing the scarf was already a bit long (it’s more than 5 feet in length, which is about the same as my height!).

It is just modified from a couple of other stitch patterns I dug up, but if you want a Snuggles of your very own, I posted the instructions on my Ravelry project page.

Some answers to common questions from the last post:
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  1. Erin – that scarf is so bright and cheerful! I love it! and the Eyre is great around the neck, right?

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