You may have noticed that we have posted our Tosh Vintage on the website, kind of. We’ve explained briefly in the product description, but here is a great place to elaborate. You all send us quite a lot of e-mails daily about this yarn, and yesterday we received a shipment notification for most of our order. This shipment is currently in transit to us and will arrive tomorrow, January 28th. Since we don’t have the yarn yet, we obviously can not photograph it, and we can not verify that what we have on our invoice is what is in the box, but as far as we know, those 91 colorways should be arriving to us in multiple sweater quantities tomorrow.

Right now, you can add any colors you want to your wishlist to receive e-mail notification as soon as we get them in. Once we get them physically in the store, you’ll be able to order them even if we haven’t been able to take a photo yet. We will be scurrying to upload the photos to the website, but with so many colors it will probably take a day or two to get them all up. We can not take pre-orders on these because, like I said, we don’t have it yet so we can’t be certain that these are in the box and don’t want you to lose out.

Speaking of all things vintage, I’ve been meaning to share one of my favorite Christmas knits with all of you. As a child, my mother crocheted a lot, but my sister and I only saw one thing that she ever knit – these animals vests. I had a version with kittens, and my sister had bunnies, and we both still treasure these and lament that we no longer fit into them.


Well, it turns out that my mom still had the pattern, which meant only one thing – adult-sized animal vests, of course. It took a grand amount of modification to make one that fit an adult woman and wasn’t totally ludicrous to wear, but I am ever so pleased with how it turned out, and my sister loves it! The yarn is Tosh DK in Composition Book Grey.

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