Ravelympics Fail

Like everyone else on Ravelry, I had grand plans for the Ravelympics. Four projects – one a sweater, one a WIP that needs to be ripped back and re-knit as the neck is entirely too big even for my giant husband, a pair of mittens, and a hat. I even tacked on a whole other project when the Yarn Harlot announced she would be hosting the separate Knitting Olympics.

I know. I know because everyone I have explained my plans to, even my equally fervent knitting friends, has simply laughed at me or, if they are being kind, explained about the laws of physics and that I do have to sleep and run this business from time to time.

I also know because right around a week in, I realized that I wasn’t in the mood to work on my sweaters, and I switched to the mitten, which I then realized I als didn’t want to knit. I tried for a few days, but it would appear that I’ve burned myself out a bit. Possibly doing things like this:

Gawain was knit in 6 days, ending the day before the Ravelympics, because I went out of town that weekend on a knitting trip and desperately wanted to wear this on the plane. Which I totally did. So I’m going to just admit that I’ve given up on the whole knitting olympics thing, and stick instead to my own personal knitting challenges.

I do really love this sweater, though – the yarn is Malabrigo Twist in the Zinc colorway. I used every single yard of 7 skeins to knit the 34″ size. (seriously – I ended up scalping the ends from the joins just to seam it) The yarn is so soft and squishy that I kind of want a whole blanket in it, and I barely even minded all the seed stitch. I’ve worn it five times, including twice on the plane coming and going, and it has fuzzed up a bit but no actual pilling thus far and the stitch definition is still quite nice. So color me pleased, anyway.

5 thoughts on “Ravelympics Fail

  1. What a beautiful sweater! In 6 days – amazing. I have the same trouble with the olympic knitting – can’t stay on one project long enough. I give you an honorary gold medal for that complicated and gorgeous sweater that fits you perfectly.

  2. This is one of the most beautiful sweaters I have ever seen. It is gorgeous.

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