Hello Long-Lost Friend!

Just an inaugural post to celebrate the blog’s prodigal return from the depths of our remarkably obtuse web host. (They didn’t used to be, but apparently things have changed over the twelve years I have been using their services to host various blogs.) This is also the time where we all thank our lucky stars that the rest of the website is hosted directly by us, with my extremely competent husband serving as admin and server guru.

While the blog was down, my best friend got married and I had the honor of being her bridesmaid. Congratulations to Lisa and Lee!

Photo Copyright Kelly Is Nice Photography

There were tons of handknits at the wedding, which were very well received by the non-crafters. And an October wedding in Georgia can go either way, temperature-wise, so I knit myself a wrap to wear after the ceremony if I got chilly. Love how this came out.

This is the Eustacia wrap from the Shibui Luxury book, knit smaller than the pattern calls for so it only used two skeins each of Silk Cloud and Staccato Sock. Unbelievably soft, and I got so many compliments on it!

2 thoughts on “Hello Long-Lost Friend!

  1. Wow, Lisa was a BEAUTIFUL bride! I mean she’s beautiful always but ‘specially on her day… and I love the way the wrap turned out. If only I could knit mohair…

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