Fall Sock-A-Long

It’s Eat.Sleep.Knit’s Fall 2013 Sock-A-Long!

I don’t know about you, but at this time of year my feet get really cold and I realize I need to put the flip flops away and get out the cozy socks. As it turns out, some of the other gals here at the store were thinking the same thing and so we decided to include all of our fans in the fun!

Thanks for voting in the Sock-A-Long pattern poll, I hope you’re looking forward to this as much as we are! I’m still debating whether I’ll do the top-down or toe-up pattern. Actually, I fall victim to Second Sock Syndrome pretty often so y’all can’t let me fall behind! I’m depending on you to keep me going.

Aside from cheering each other on, does anyone have any great advice for those new to sock knitting? What makes you stick with a pair of socks – is it the pattern, the desire for new socks, a need to finish a project once it’s been started, or something else entirely?

We’re all looking forward to hearing your choices – what yarn are you picking? Which pattern will you make? Is this going to be a Selfish Knit or a gift for someone else? Do you knit your socks a special way (two at a time, magic loop, DPNs, 9-inch circs)?

Sock-A-Long Patterns:
Top-Down: Froot Loop
Toe-Up: Elementary Watson
Both are available as free downloads.

Details, also listed in the first post of the Sock-A-Long thread:
Sock-A-Long begins officially on October 1st, 2013 and will end December 15th, 2013, so don’t worry if you don’t have a ton of time or don’t knit as quickly as others, you’ll have nearly 3 months to complete your project. You can cast on any time after October 1st your time for your project to count!

The Sock-A-Long is primarily for fun, to help you get to know your fellow knitters, learn a new technique, and get a sweet pair of handknit socks this fall, but we thought we’d sweeten the pot a little! On 12/16, we’ll open an FO thread for the Sock-A-Long where you can post pictures of your completed socks! We’ll award two prizes, one for participating selected by random draw, and another for voter’s choice to be determined later.

Is there a discount for Sock-A-Long purchases?
Of course! From now through Friday, September 27th, we’ll give you 20% off your yarn for this Sock-A-Long. Just check out as usual and tell us in the order comments which skein you are planning to use for the Sock-A-Long! (Or two if you’re planning to knit both patterns.) We’ll apply the discount to the skein(s) before we ship your order. This discount is only available for online orders and only applies to yarn being used for the Sock-A-Long.

Well, I need to go wander the aisles and pick my yarn – don’t forget to order this week to get the 20% discount for the skein you use for the Sock-A-Long!

Happy Knitting!!

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