Sock-A-Long: Day One

And the natives are already restless.

I decided to challenge myself to knit the toe-up socks for the Sock-A-Long. I had one colossally failed attempt at toe-up socks several years ago, and since then I have mostly ignored sock patterns that aren’t cuff-down, or, on two exciting occasions, converted the pattern from toe-up to cuff-down.

So, for our Sock-A-Long, I’m knitting the Elementary Watson socks. I knew I was in trouble when I learned the women’s sizes are called the “cosplay version.” Then there was a link to a 10 minute tutorial to the cast-on, which is a brilliant idea, except that I am a contrarian who hates watching online videos. (I know. You don’t need to say it, I already know.) I soldiered on, googling and locating a written tutorial for Judy’s Magic cast-on.


I know I will get in the swing of it after this casting on business, but man does this cast-on seem complicated to explain!


15 minutes later and everything seems to be going okay, so far…


Looks kind of sock-like, right??

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