Friday Five

I had to rip out my socks already. Gauge swatches, not just for fun! Being a loose knitter makes sock knitting kind of tricky; often I go down to the smallest needle size produced by a manufacturer and still can’t get gauge.

Whenever I’m having a spat with my current project, I like to fantasize about starting something new, something that would never mislead me or come out the wrong size or turn out to be all wrong for my body type of course, because a project not yet started is filled with potential.

Rye - tin can knitsLike Rye.

These look so cool, and in aran weight yarn, they’re sure to knit up quickly and be super cozy for these chilly mornings. And surely I can get a gauge of 5.5 stitches per inch!

(And if you haven’t checked out the rest of the Simple Collection, you should – this is a series of FREE patterns from tin can knits intended to help you learn some new knitting skills while creating some adorable accessories and even a simple sweater, in sizes all the way from newborn to adult.)

Maroo Mitts - AmbahAnd then there are Maroo Mitts. Fingerless mitts – the best parts of knitting socks, fun and easy and forgiving. Plus with fall really and truly underway, a bit of cozy for my hands always appeals.

Bonus, AMBAH is having a Ravelry knit-a-long for her patterns as well. And these would be a great way to use up some sock yarn scraps, which, if you’re anything like me, you probably have coming out of your ears whether you knit a lot of socks or not!

And I don’t knit a lot of socks. I’m a sweater girl. I can knock out a simple sweater in a couple of weeks while my socks lag behind on the needles. And speaking of a simple sweater …


Square and Stripe, by Veera Valimaki, the designer who brought us Color Affection. Like a striped shawl, except better, because it’s a simple sweater. A simple, boxy sweater that will pull on easily over anything, anywhere. Roomy and cozy and screaming to be knit up as that first fall sweater of the year. Better still, it’s knit up in Tosh DK, and we just got in a new shipment.

sambuka-newOr a nice new cowl? I favorited Sambuka a week or two ago, and it looks like it would be a pretty quick but rewarding knit.

I never really get how I’m supposed to wear a cowl, but I love knitting them, and they look so great on other people that I have to believe with a little confidence, anyone could pull one off. And this one has two mesmerizing stitch patterns!

goverallsAnd if all else fails, there’s always this. Because babies. In overalls.

I’ve actually had this queued up for months, but now that he’s here I’m terrified to knit him clothes because he is growing so fast we need a new clothing size every 6 weeks! But at some point, I need to bite the bullet and just knit up some On-The-Go-Veralls. Because babies. In overalls.

So what will it be? A new, fun, fall project? Or do I do the mature thing and choose my new yarn, knit my gauge swatch, and get back to Sock-A-Longing with all you lovely folks, this time with a pair of socks that have any hope of fitting?

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