Only 75 Days Until Christmas!

When it comes to holiday knitting, I invariably wait until the last minute to make millions of scarves, hats, and {insert items I can’t possibly finish in time here!}.  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this extreme procrastination/overachieving so I thought maybe I would try to help reduce some stress!

First, it’s a good plan to really think about who is getting a handcrafted gift this year.  Remember: Grampa Ralph, Aunt Sue and Mom love their handmade socks, but Cousin Tammy never even sent a thank you note (also known as The Scarf Incident of 2010). Be sure your gift is going to be appreciated. Don’t stress yourself by knitting or crocheting for everyone if only a few are going to care the way they should!

Next, let’s try to narrow down what type of project the lucky recipients would get the most use out of!  If your sister drinks tea incessantly, she might actually love a kettle cozy, but Uncle Joe would get more use out of a watchman’s cap and scarf.

If you’re like me, you need to focus on smaller projects that can be finished quickly.  For those of you that plan your gifts in advance and have time to make large, intricate presents for your loved ones – I applaud you! But here are some ideas for the rest of us (most of which have scads of free pattern options on Ravelry):






This is obviously not a comprehensive list of all the possible projects, but sometimes I need to see someone else’s ideas before I can really get going – if that’s you too, I hope this helps give you the motivation you need.

Happy Knitting!
(posted by Emily)

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