Meet the ESK Staff! Part 2

Another week, another staff member to introduce from your favorite yarn store! Meet the Queen of Color: Tiffany!

What type(s) of crafting do you do?
It would be easier to ask what types of crafting I don’t do- under water basket weaving? Truthfully, I haven’t taken up weaving yet, but I would like to learn!

Crafting has always been in my family, both of my grandmothers would do arts and crafts with me while I was growing up and I remember my mother was always tatting. I finally decided to learn how to crochet from my Grandmother in 2002 (I was hooking in high school! ::snickers::). I taught myself how to knit in 2004, but didn’t realize until I met up with a local knitting group that I was knitting all my stitches through the back loop! I continued my fiber obsession in 2011, when I picked up spinning both with a drop spindle (or 5) and a wheel. Now I can’t imagine leaving the house without any sort of woolly WIP!

What’s your favorite color?
Any green or blue shade, especially in jewel tones or neon brights

What’s your favorite type of project?
I wouldn’t say I have a specific favorite type of project, but I love knit accessories in general, especially the thick and quick projects because I tend to lose motivation about halfway through my larger projects. Sadly, it’s a bit too hot to wear most of my items except for a few weeks a year!

What’s your favorite yarn that we carry?
I’m a huge Malabrigo Junkie; I love the variety of super soft bases and the vibrant colors. I keep trying to use other yarn brands, but I keep coming back to Malabrigo!

Where do you find inspiration?
Anything obscure and nerdy/geeky/dorky. I try not to knit the patterns that are constantly “Hot Right Now”, however sometimes I just need to be caught up in what everyone else is doing- especially when a new two- or three-colored high contrast shawl comes out 🙂

What’s the Finished Object you’re most proud of completing?
I have two: my Caladan, which is my first finished beaded lace project and my Sproutlette Dress that I hand spun the yarn and then knit for my daughter.

English vs. Continental?
Ok, here’s what I do: I hold the working yarn in my left hand, I don’t secure the yarn around any of my fingers, I just kind of grip it and I still ‘wrap’ or ‘throw’ my yarn around the needle. Weird, I know but it works!

Who is your favorite designer?
I love Woolly Wormhead’s hat patterns! They are so fun and quirky- I expect to be making several patterns from her Bambeanies book this winter! I also enjoy Stephen West’s early designs that are simple and dramatic.

What’s your favorite entertainment?
I’ll watch and listen to just about anything. If I don’t like what is currently on, well, luckily I usually have a WIP nearby to distract me and pointy needles usually do a good job of persuading others to watch something else.

What’s your favorite non-yarn-related hobby?
When I’m not doing anything fiber related, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. As a renowned picky eater, my new hobby is going to new restaurants and trying out new foods!

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