Meet the ESK Staff! Pt. 3

It’s time for another installment of Meet the ESK Staff! We all hope you’re enjoying getting to know us a little better. 🙂

Today, meet Wendy the Wool-Winder:

What type(s) of crafting do you do?
The one with 2 pointy sticks.

What got you into knitting?
Growing up, I was always mesmerized by a neighbor who knit.  When I finally took lessons in 2007, I was rather enthusiastic, but only had enough patience to stay for the cast-on and knit stitch.  Although I never finished the 4-class series or that particular hat project, I was completely addicted!

I recall being shocked that the project required TWO sizes of needles. I couldn’t imagine why I wouldn’t knit everything with one set, as two sets seemed absolutely excessive! Now, with two dozen needles in my possession, I have to laugh at the naivety of that first month.

What’s your favorite color?
Blues and purples, except in pastel hues.

What’s your favorite thing to knit?
I seem to have an annual knitting “obsession”. It started with scarves, and Every Single Person I knew got one for Christmas that year.  It then progressed to shawls, cowls, fingerless mitts, and at the moment I’m obsessed with socks!

What’s your favorite yarn that we carry?
Yarn Love’s Elizabeth Bennett – it is the perfect year-round yarn in both weight and fiber, and the colors are so unique… it is totally irresistible.

Where do you find inspiration?
Google Images. I never know what I’m going to find in a search. Even better, it constantly changes, offering new ideas over time.

What’s the Finished Object you’re most proud of completing?
My first Clapotis, using the no-longer-produced-yet-still-makes-me-weak-in-the-knees Schaefer Nicole yarn that also happened to be my very first yarn purchase at ESK.  It took me almost six months of studying the pattern for it to actually click, but only 7 days to knit those 800 yards!  The yarn-pattern combination is gorgeous.

English vs. Continental?
As an engineer, I have a difficult time speaking English correctly, let alone knitting it… Continental all the way for this left-hander.

What’s your favorite knitting resource?
The TECHknitting blog.

What’s your favorite non-yarn-related hobby?
Baking… with help from my hand-made wool potholders, cotton towels, and re-usable Swiffer covers (to clean up after my enthusiasm).

Where is your favorite vacation destination?
The entrance to a yarn shop I haven’t visited before… oh, the possibilities!

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