Well! After three days and a small printer mishap, we’ve shipped all the orders we received during the Black Friday Surprise Sale as well as the rest of the weekend’s orders. We thank you all for your patience as we make every effort to get your yarn out in a timely manner!

So starting tomorrow everything is back to normal around here! All the aisles have been cleaned up, errant yarn put back in its cubes, and we are ready to get back to retail hours for those of you lucky enough to be local!

Some of you have already received your Black Friday orders and are starting to post your stash pics on the 2013 Stash thread in our ESK Ravelry group! Yay! Keep it up! We love seeing how happy our customers are by the yarns they’ve ordered. Not to mention we’re all a little nosy as to what kind of projects you’re coming up with – it might inspire us as well 😉

Also under the topic of “getting back to normal” – there isn’t terribly much time left on our Sock-Along! I know I’ve been overwhelmed with my last minute gift knitting, but hopefully I’ll get at least one of my socks done in time. (Ok, that’s not terribly likely, but a gal can dream!)

Happy Knitting!

2 thoughts on “Whew!

    • If you have customer service questions, please email eatsleepknit @ eatsleepknit.com with your order information! That is always the preferred method for getting your questions answered in the most timely way! Thank you!

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