Gift Guide

Whether you’re a new knitter or you’ve been a yarnaholic for ages, there’s bound to be someone in your life wanting to get you knitting-related gifts.  Invariably these folks are completely stumped by the doodads, pointy things, and strings – so we’re here to help!

Feel free to just link this to all friends and relatives in the gift-giving spirit! 😉

So let’s break this down into categories! First up: Notionskittysnips_3
Many notions are extremely useful even if you have more than you really need – let’s say stitch markers, scissors (especially of the cute kitty or puppy varieties!), and of course tapestry needles! I leave my good rust-proof T-pins close to where I do most of my blocking, but they invariably get moved when I think I’m going to do some sewing. These kind of things make excellent stocking stuffers!

14oz_main_3Soak wash is a great way to keep your knits (and other delicates) looking their best for years to come! We have a variety of scents and sizes from single-use packets up to bottles with enough to last upwards of 75 washes.
Next: Accessorieshermosa2_3
Need some way to hold all the doodads, all your projects, or just want to show off your ESK love? Check out the variety of stylish Namaste bags which could easily be used as purses, carry-ons, or even diaper bags! Contemplate your next project over your morning coffee with the Eat.Sleep.Knit. mug which has a free pattern printed on the side! If you’re looking to spread the word about your favorite yarn shop, consider our various t-shirts or brand new tote bag designs!

Third: Needles & Yarn
It can be a little tricky to give needles or yarn as gifts since everyone’s tastes are different. Not to mention that for the non-knitting gift-giver, it can be intimidating to look at all the variety we carry and have no idea what their recipient would like. So here’s where the ESK wishlist really shines – add the needles or yarn you *really* want to your wishlist, whether it’s a whole set of interchangeable needles, a sweater’s worth of yarn, or just the needle/yarn you need for your next project. This way you’re sure to get the perfect gift!

BothTotesFullAnd last but not least: Gift Certificates
Not everyone loves gift certificates. Maybe they aren’t personal enough, maybe they feel like a last-minute choice. But I think having the freedom to choose what I’ve been pining for without repercussions to my wallet is the best gift! There is always a skein (or 12!) that I’ve had my eye on for a while but need to save my pennies for mundane things like groceries. Gift certificates let me have the yarn without the guilt! Everybody wins! 🙂

Actually last: The Wishlist
I’ve mentioned our Wishlist a few times here so I should probably lay out the details for anyone not yet savvy to this amazing feature! When you make an account on you can add items to your cart (buy it all now!) or your wishlist (save it for later!) – AND you can share that wishlist with any potential gift-givers! Either via a direct link or by searching for your email address.

Full Disclosure:
I haven’t hung the new Customer Love bulletin boards yet. At least it’s bringing my office some much-needed holiday cheer! (And yes, those boxes do hold the cork boards that are waiting patiently to be hung on the wall!)

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