So long, Sock-A-Long!

Well, it’s finally here, the end of the Fall Sock-A-Long! I thought for sure I could make one pair of socks in roughly two months, but in reality I only managed one. Well, I got the second sock started, but not very far!



You may have already seen that Erin left the rest of us in the dust here at the store. Kudos for not falling victim to Second Sock Syndrome (or Last-Minute Holiday Gifts)!







But I think we put in a pretty good showing, with Tiffany, Jessica and myself all managing to finish one sock! That counts for something, right?? We tried, we really did!



If you haven’t already, be sure to head over to our Ravelry group and post the best photo of your finished Sock-A-Long socks as your contest entry! If you didn’t finish or you participated using non-ESK yarn, we’d still love to see your progress in the original Sock-A-Long thread!

Between now and Friday, December 20th be sure to vote for your favorite pair using the Agree button! (Voting ends at noon Eastern Time.)

A big Thank You to every participant! Do you think we should do this again? Do you have suggestions on how we can make this more awesome in the future? Please let us know, either here or on Ravelry!

Thanks again, and Happy Knitting!

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