Friday Five – Total Last-Minute Gift Edition!!

It’s December 20th. Christmas is five days away. And now – just now, this very minute – is the time you realize that you actually DO want to make a few handknit gifts this year, but what is there time for??

Oh, hello, welcome to my every December 20th, and thus, the Friday Five, Super Duper Holy Crap Last Minute Gift Edition.

sheridanskaterSheridan Skater’s Hat is a cute hat that only takes one skein of a chunky or bulky weight yarn. This stitch pattern will be especially flattering for hand-dyed yarn, and it’s deceptively simple. And nothing is more festive than a pom pom!





rainbowtwistArco Iris, how much do I love thee. Let me count the ways. Rainbow Twist cowl. Shown in Malabrigo Rasta in Arco Iris, but would also look awesome in any of their other painted colorways, like Solis or Plomo for something more understated. Takes just one skein and you can surely knit this baby in a single night!



mittlessfingersOh, I know, what ARE these, right? Mittless fingers are a gift that likely only a knitter would appreciate, which means they’re just the thing for your knitting friend who was last on your gift knit list because she is a KNITTER so she will understand when you tell her you meant to knit the second sock but, well, here is the first one and the rest of the skein of yarn.

And yes, it might be faster to knit fingerless mitts than mittless fingers, but would it be as fun?



TC’s Cozy Hat is another bulky weight hat that features two of my favorite things – stripes, and earflaps.

Stripes do require buying two skeins, but then you can knit TWO quick striped, earflap hats. Adorable for siblings, cousins, or besties. This hat should fit all children, plus adults with small heads!





Tiny Trees should be on every knitters’ tree this year, and next. Especially next. In fact, let’s knit a few of these next week to get us started for next year, so we’re not frantically searching these blog posts!!





And speaking of December 20th, please remember that we will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday, 12/24 and 12/25, both in the store and online. All orders placed after noon on 12/23 will not ship until 12/26! If you need a gift certificate last minute, please order the web version which will be e-mailed to you immediately as no one will be at the shop to field e-mails or phone calls.

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