Yarnathon 2014 Trivia Game

We mentioned last week that there would be TRIVIA this year. It’s not really a yarn event, but trivia is fun, and people are always asking us these kinds of questions, so how better to answer than with a game?!

Here’s how it will work: each quarter, there will be ten trivia questions centered around a theme (the first quarter’s theme is all trivia questions just about Eat Sleep Knit).

We’ll post one every Monday to our Twitter, which you can find here: http://www.twitter.com/eatsleepknit. If you don’t use Twitter, not to worry – you don’t need an account to see our posts, and your team captains will be linking to each week’s tweet on Ravelry as well. Here’s the first one: https://twitter.com/eatsleepknit/status/420287960798351360

Once you have your question, find the answer! Don’t be afraid to discuss and collaborate – this is part of the team challenges so we’re expecting (hoping!) that you will discuss and debate the answers with your teammates.

Once you think you have the right answer, e-mail the answer to us at trivia at our-url dot com (Replace our-url with, well, our URL though!). Please include your Eat Sleep Knit username or your first and last name if you don’t have your username available so we know where to add your yards! Each person who submits a correct answer by Friday each week will receive an extra 50 yards towards his or her individual yarnathon totals. That means at the end of the quarter, each team member can earn up to 500 extra yards by answering all ten questions correctly! We’ll have a new themed set of ten questions each quarter, so you can get to our 1 mile marker through trivia alone if you can find the answers. 🙂

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