Trivia Question #2

Oh but not yet! First, the answer to question #1, which was “What date did Eat Sleep Knit open for business?”

The official, actual answer is October 27, 2007, which many of you correctly sleuthed from a blog post on our old blog. And let me just say that I felt slightly terrible about how confusing this question became, because I didn’t intend it to be and I didn’t really think about the other dates out there that might make the answer so confusing. We also gave credit to anyone who responded with 10/17/07 (the date the website itself went live but nothing was for sale yet – we had to do this to get approved for our merchant account!), 10/29/07 (the date our grand opening sale began), and 10/31/07 (which is listed on Rav as our birthday simply because it is actually the date we got our first order!). If you submitted any of these four answers, your yardage has been credited and we’ve sent an e-mail to confirm that, so let us know if you don’t see it.

I hope that you all still had fun with this as that is really our goal here – we’re having fun behind the scenes trying to remember the answers to some of these ourselves, like this week’s question which we actually had to confirm on the internet! (I checked to be certain there is clearly only one answer this time, fear not.)

We had about 140 people play last week, and hope even more of you will play along this week – remember there’s no penalty for a wrong guess and we WANT you to collaborate amongst yourselves so if you don’t know or aren’t sure, visit your Ravelry thread and brainstorm! Encourage all your teammates to e-mail in too; 50 yards a week adds up really quickly (in fact, you could reach the 5K mark and earn a $20 store credit just by participating in all of the knit-a-longs and trivia questions this year!).

Without further ado:
Question #2: What were Eat Sleep Knit’s original six yarn brands, available on opening day?
Like last week, e-mail your responses along with your username and/or full name to trivia at esk dot com by Friday to play!

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