Friday Five – Distractions!

Today’s Friday Five is also brought to you by my steeking research for this quarter’s knit-a-long, because for me, no pattern searching is complete without somehow ending up queueing a bunch of patterns that are not even remotely like the pattern you are looking for. Somehow, while searching for a first steeking project, I ended up also finding several cowls, two pullovers, a couple of hats, and some mittens I was so excited about I purchased the pattern and cast-on before even finding what I was originally looking for.


alessiacowlBut our first pattern is a very special one, designed by one of our favorite customers. If you’ve ever been in the store, you’ve probably met Tiffany who works the retail store full-time and is our go-to girl for color combos, yarn substitutions, and pattern help of all kinds. Well, Lynn wanted to say a big thanks for all of the help she’s given over the years, and so her new Alessia Cowl is named after Tiffany’s adorable 14 month old daughter!

And it’s not just another pretty face – this cowl is a quick but interesting knit that carries a variegated yarn well and takes just 2-3 skeins of Malabrigo Worsted!

tar Tar is a really cute pullover I wandered across that would be perfect for our climate – lightweight in its yarn choice of Shibui Heichi, a 100% silk tweed worsted weight, but with enough coverage to keep off the chill that creeps in at night and in the early morning of fall and spring.

The super casual silhouette and loose fit is flattering with jeans, which is pretty much all I wear, but could also be dressed up with heels or even (gasp) a skirt! It also seems like it takes relatively little yardage for a sweater due to the loose gauge so it could really stretch those skeins; the largest size of 52″ only takes 12 of the half-size skeins!

lightbulbThe Lightbulb Cap is, in a word, adorable, and perfect for the slightly quirky electricity-lover in your life. (I don’t know about you, but I have at least three friends of this variety, which may say as much about me as them.)

Calls for a sportweight yarn and would even be a good stash buster if you’ve got partial skeins of two colors sitting around. Or, for added light bulb enthusiasm (and night-time safety), knit it in Edison Bulb!


fog-and-whisper-2_medium2 You know you need another open-front cardigan. Or maybe just a good, mindless knit for taking to knit group. Or, if you’re like me, both. Fog & Whisper will be your new cozy friend.

The pattern calls for holding tosh mo light with tosh merino light, but I think it would be just as cozy with TML held double, or knit up in a slightly heavier weight (Pashmina? Shepherd Sport? An amazing evolution of color in Kauni’s Effektgarn?) and skipping the whole business of holding things double.




I definitely took a steeking detour to start SpillyJane’s newest Sparkle Mittens. These are SO MUCH FUN.

Really. Look at them. Look how much fun. I was sold as soon as I read that you could knit them with partial skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino. I have been trying to figure out for a year what to do with my leftover balls of this and Manos Royal_Icing_Mitts_medium2Silk Blend from my Rust & Stone Cardigan. I love these colors; they’re so fun together, and this pattern is perfect for them. Most cheerful mittens ever.

(These other ones are sort of a relative mitten she released at the same time, also for partials of Silky Merino, if they’re more your style. I kind of love both.)

You get a bonus pattern today, because this Owl in a Teacup is sort of amazing.



(Psst, don’t forget to send in your trivia answers today!)

1 thought on “Friday Five – Distractions!

  1. Great patterns but the Fog and Whisper isn’t done with double yarn, the collar is in the ToshMoLight and the body is just in TML.

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