Meet the ESK Staff! Pt. 7

Aren’t we done meeting the store staff by now? Not yet! 🙂 There are still a couple of lovely ladies to go and we hope you enjoy getting to know each of us a little better! Today we’d like to introduce our sage Saturday star: Jackie!

What type(s) of crafting do you do?
Knitting, crochet, cross stitch, sewing, have tried painting and drawing, needlepoint, and other crafts over the years. I taught myself to knit and crochet, which are my main crafts nowadays. My mom could cook, but she was not a crafty person.

What’s your favorite color?
Life is in color, therefore I love all colors! One week I may lean toward red, blue, green, purple, hot pink; whatever catches my eye at the time.

Where do you find inspiration?
All over! Life, friends, yarn.

What’s the Finished Object you’re most proud of completing?
A Kollage sweater pattern I have been working on for a while and a sweater I made for my husband. Also a shawl pattern for the Think Outside the Shawl Contest where I won second place in my category. {Editor’s Note: Jackie doesn’t have a lot of projects up on Ravelry yet, but we love the Shibui Cliff Hat she made!}

English vs. Continental?
English, I’m left handed and learned by looking at books and magazines (before the internet).

What’s your favorite “advanced” technique?
I enjoy doing colorwork but also enjoy cables and lace and trying new techniques.

What’s your favorite knitting resource?
There are a lot of good resources; and, after completing levels 1 and 2 and working on level 3 of the TKGA Master Knitters Program, I try to utilize them all.

What’s your favorite entertainment?
Changes with the times. But, Scooby Doo has always been a favorite and Jonny Quest.

What’s your favorite non-yarn-related hobby?
Riding my bike on the Silver Comet Trail. I love being outdoors.

Where is your favorite vacation destination?
I have always enjoyed going to the mountains, so I would have to say Gatlinburg TN.

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