Trivia Question #2

Oh but not yet! First, the answer to question #1, which was “What date did Eat Sleep Knit open for business?”

The official, actual answer is October 27, 2007, which many of you correctly sleuthed from a blog post on our old blog. And let me just say that I felt slightly terrible about how confusing this question became, because I didn’t intend it to be and I didn’t really think about the other dates out there that might make the answer so confusing. We also gave credit to anyone who responded with 10/17/07 (the date the website itself went live but nothing was for sale yet – we had to do this to get approved for our merchant account!), 10/29/07 (the date our grand opening sale began), and 10/31/07 (which is listed on Rav as our birthday simply because it is actually the date we got our first order!). If you submitted any of these four answers, your yardage has been credited and we’ve sent an e-mail to confirm that, so let us know if you don’t see it.

I hope that you all still had fun with this as that is really our goal here – we’re having fun behind the scenes trying to remember the answers to some of these ourselves, like this week’s question which we actually had to confirm on the internet! (I checked to be certain there is clearly only one answer this time, fear not.)

We had about 140 people play last week, and hope even more of you will play along this week – remember there’s no penalty for a wrong guess and we WANT you to collaborate amongst yourselves so if you don’t know or aren’t sure, visit your Ravelry thread and brainstorm! Encourage all your teammates to e-mail in too; 50 yards a week adds up really quickly (in fact, you could reach the 5K mark and earn a $20 store credit just by participating in all of the knit-a-longs and trivia questions this year!).

Without further ado:
Question #2: What were Eat Sleep Knit’s original six yarn brands, available on opening day?
Like last week, e-mail your responses along with your username and/or full name to trivia at esk dot com by Friday to play!

Friday Five – Steeks!

Have you picked your project from the first quarter “New to You” knit-a-long yet? At first, I had a hard time thinking of a technique I hadn’t at least tried, but then I remembered **steeking**. I always say there’s nothing to be scared of about knitting, it’s only yarn after all, but steeking? Steeking scares me a little bit. It wouldn’t be quite so bad were it not for the fact that most steeked projects are elaborate colorwork projects worked at a fine gauge and if that goes awry, well, you could have just destroyed months of lovely knitting. There would be tears.

So, I’m doing it – steeking. (Go Team Fiber Monkeys!) Turns out, there are a lot of incredible steeking projects that aren’t quite as elaborate lest things take a bad turn, and I had a hard time deciding! If you’re thinking of steeks, maybe you can use some of my research.


The Aesa Pullover is kind of amazing. I want to make it; I maybe even want to make a cardigan-ized version, but I’m not sure I can pull this off in 3 months, and I’m not sure what yarn I’d want to use. I’m thinking this might be my second (or third) steeking project, but it’s in my queue for sure.


On the other end of the spectrum is Tess – a completely reasonable project for three months, but still a lovely stranded little project. And it calls for one of my favorite yarns (Shibui Staccato). And I do kind of need a new pair of slipper socks.


I briefly considered the Baby Snowflakes blanket, but figured by the time it is done, it will be warm out and my baby will no longer be much of a baby so another one is saved for later. I was encouraged that this one called for Cephalopod’s Skinny Bugga, however – since you read so many people saying you absolutely can’t steek with a superwash yarn, clearly, you can! But I think you probably have to be a lot more careful about reinforcing things.


Angry Sheep Cardigan! Does this even need an explanation? I alllllllmost picked this one.


But then I found this one, and Levi needs a Pod of Cetaceans for sure. I’m knitting mine in Yarn Love’s (non-superwash!) Anne Shirley in Storm, Steel Blue, Whisper, and Arabian Nights. I decided to go for gold and knit the sleeves two-at-a-time, bringing two new techniques to one adorable project!

What’s your “New to You” project going to be?

Yarnathon 2014 Trivia Game

We mentioned last week that there would be TRIVIA this year. It’s not really a yarn event, but trivia is fun, and people are always asking us these kinds of questions, so how better to answer than with a game?!

Here’s how it will work: each quarter, there will be ten trivia questions centered around a theme (the first quarter’s theme is all trivia questions just about Eat Sleep Knit).

We’ll post one every Monday to our Twitter, which you can find here: If you don’t use Twitter, not to worry – you don’t need an account to see our posts, and your team captains will be linking to each week’s tweet on Ravelry as well. Here’s the first one:

Once you have your question, find the answer! Don’t be afraid to discuss and collaborate – this is part of the team challenges so we’re expecting (hoping!) that you will discuss and debate the answers with your teammates.

Once you think you have the right answer, e-mail the answer to us at trivia at our-url dot com (Replace our-url with, well, our URL though!). Please include your Eat Sleep Knit username or your first and last name if you don’t have your username available so we know where to add your yards! Each person who submits a correct answer by Friday each week will receive an extra 50 yards towards his or her individual yarnathon totals. That means at the end of the quarter, each team member can earn up to 500 extra yards by answering all ten questions correctly! We’ll have a new themed set of ten questions each quarter, so you can get to our 1 mile marker through trivia alone if you can find the answers. 🙂

Yarnathon: Q1 Challenge and KAL

Here are the details for your first quarterly challenge and knit(craft!)-a-long:

The Q1 knit-a-long (KAL) is the New-to-You knit-a-long. And just to clarify, all fiber-related crafts are welcome, knit-a-long just has an easy ring to it, so don’t be shy!

1. Your project should use a craft technique that is new to you, one you’ve maybe wanted to try but never gotten around to or something you’ve tried but just couldn’t get into. Some examples might be: colorwork, socks, a sweater, entrelac, or heck even just knitting if you’re a new knitter. Anything goes; the idea is to challenge yourself to learn/enjoy something new!
2. Your project should be cast on and cast off between January 1 and March 31st, 2014.
3. Your project should use yarn or fiber from Eat.Sleep.Knit.
That’s it!

Each person who completes a qualifying project during the knit-a-long will be awarded 1000 yards towards their individual Yarnathon totals! (Limit one prize per customer.)
On March 31st, we’ll open a voting thread where you can post your finished projects. Two winners will receive $20 gift certificates!

Q1 Team Challenge: Reach the 5 mile marker in the Yarnathon! The team that gets the most team members to the 5 mile marker by March 31st will be awarded two extra points towards their team total at the end of the year. You’ll also earn a $20 store credit on your way to this goal, so really, everybody wins!

Yarnathon 2014

It’s the first of the year, and at Eat Sleep Knit, January 1 that means it’s time for a whole new Yarn Marathon! This year, we’ve decided to overcomplicate things add a whole new level of yarn- buying fun with teams!

If you’re familiar with the way the Yarnathon works as an individual, nothing has changed – every time you buy yarn in our shop, we’ll keep track of the total yardage of yarn you’ve purchased. Power boosts for select heavier weight yarns and sweater boosts for buying 6+ skeins of yarn continue as always. And as always, you’ll earn a $20 store credit for every 5,000 yards of yarn purchased plus nifty prizes at various milestones.

New for 2014 though, there is an extra challenge for those who wish to join in – help your team be the one with the most Yarnathon finishers at the end of 2014, and earn even more free yarn, plus a super secret prize for the winners!

You’ll be randomly assigned to one of four teams when you sign up, and if you visit our Ravelry group, you can join in team challenges, team knit-a-longs, team contests to help your team win the race.

This year’s teams are: the Octopurls, the Fiber Monkeys, the Roboknits, and the Stitchosaurs. Visit your team’s Ravelry thread to meet your new teammates!

How It Works:
The team that finishes the year with the most individual Yarnathon finishers wins the race! Each quarter, you’ll have a chance to participate in a team knit-a-long, a team trivia contest, and several smaller challenges to boost your individual and team yardage.

All members of the winning team who participate in 2014’s Yarnathon in anyway (either through purchases or participation in team events) will receive a gift certificate, and finishers on the winning team will receive a super secret yarn prize as well! To try to keep the race as fair as possible, you can contribute even without finishing the Yarnathon – at the end of the year, we’ll award each team a “virtual finisher” based on the number of team members who’ve hit smaller goals – 1 virtual finisher will be awarded for:

  • Every 2 team members who reach 1/2 Marathon or more
  • Every 3 team members who reach 10 miles
  • Every 6 team members who reach 5 miles

What else is new? Well as you can imagine, these new team mascots have given us a glut of new opportunities to put adorable and funny yarn-related illustrations on bags, mugs, and shirts. We’ve got a few more designs trickling in at the end of the week as well!