Q1 Trivia Question #5

Last week’s question was, “What business shares space with ESK?”

The answer is none other than BetterBots, my husband’s educational robot business. At his job at Georgia Tech, he was part of a project to develop these robots that they sell to schools across the world. As you can imagine, there’s not a lot of space for inventory in a college robotics lab! When we leased a space that was so much larger than we needed originally, it was the perfect solution for everyone. Correct answers have been e-mailed and your yardage has been credited. If you didn’t get this week’s answer, make sure you check out your team’s thread in our Ravelry group! Our internet super sleuths have been posting and discussing their answers every week for the group to benefit from!

This week’s question is:
Q5: How many IKEA Expedits are currently in service at ESK? Follow the link for a helpful photo hint! (An Expedit is the shelving unit that we use almost exclusively for our yarn displays.)

E-mail your answers, along with your full name or ESK username, by Friday to trivia at esk (spelled out) dot com!

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