Q1 Trivia #7, Already!

This quarter is just flying by, we’re already up to question #7! The answers to last week’s question, “How many people currently work at ESK?” was, in fact, 9 – the 8 people featured in our meet the staff blog series plus Dan, my husband, owner of BetterBots as we learned several weeks ago, and Eat Sleep Knit’s intrepid programmer, without whom the website would not function even half as well. He unsurprisingly didn’t really have a favorite knitting project, so we’re working on something a little different for him.

All correct answers have been credited though I haven’t had a chance to send confirmation e-mails this week yet – if you don’t see it, feel free to shoot us an e-mail and I am going to try to squeeze in an hour to get replies out.

Roboknitters! Y’all submitted the most trivia answers this week, congratulations! Keep it up!

I’ve gone ahead and posted Question 7 on Twitter just now: In terms of cost per yard, what yarn is the best deal in the whole store?

As always, e-mail your answers by Friday to trivia at esk spelled out dot com along with your name or user name for your ESK account. Enjoy!

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