Q1 Trivia Question #9

Last week’s question was: “What month do we start prepping for the Black Friday sale?”

The answer is August, and those of you who found our Instagram of Tiffany making up lotto bags while all the other retail employees were off at DragonCon were right that this was part of it. It might seem way too early, but, well, it’s not! If we start any later, we are running around in a panic the day before the sale instead of enjoying our Thanksgivings with our families. (since we can’t hang out with them Friday and Saturday!) Someone mentioned we wouldn’t have anywhere to store our preps, to which I direct you back to our 14,000 square feet of space, half of which is warehouse. From August to November, if you were to peek back there, you would see the thousands of boxes Lindsay makes up in advance of the sale and bins and bins of lotto bags and extra prize packages!

I admit that we all really enjoyed this one, as there was so much thought put into it about what prepping entailed, when it could conceivably start, and we also learned from your response to our hint that September is a very special month. (it’s the 9th month and has 9 letters in its name, a coincidence we did not realize!) We also clarified earlier in the week that freaking out about the sale and prepping for it were two different animals, and let me just say that we freak out about the sale for most of the year, assuming it’s happening (we always assume it is). It is a crazy, insane event and there is a crazy amount of work that goes into it. (Bonus fact: much like a school teacher, when Dan and I decided to start a family, we even attempted to plan around the Black Friday sale, it’s that crazy.)

So, it’s time for a new question, off of last week’s theme:
Trivia Question #9: How many orders were placed during the first Black Friday sale in 2007? Before you get too alarmed, check out the submission form, where I’ve made this a multiple choice question with ranges, so you’ve got a good chance of guessing!

The Google Form was so successfull last week that we’re planning to stick with it – go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xRJQEugTnHG4tEGo7xgdfw6-REg0g2CSemOCGBo5fMM/viewform to submit your answer to this week’s question by Friday! If you submit multiple answers, we’ll use the last one you submit.

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