Q1 Trivia Question #10 – Last One!

Last week’s question asked you to guess how many orders we got during our first Black Friday sale, which took place just a few weeks after we opened our doors. The answer is 116! Which doesn’t sound like a lot today, but at the time, ESK was pretty much just me and my guest bedroom closet; I was still handwriting address labels and delivering packages to the post office myself, and I was still at the point where I would call Dan to tell him whenever we got an order. So you can imagine my surprise, in the context!

Nowadays, the sale is just as insane compared to our normal daily operations, but we’re a lot more, well, prepared. And we don’t wind yarn during the sale anymore, which is probably one of the biggest time savers!

Well, we’re wrapping up this quarter’s trivia game with our final question this week! Trivia Question #10: What year did we launch the Yarn Marathon? 

Submit your answers to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xRJQEugTnHG4tEGo7xgdfw6-REg0g2CSemOCGBo5fMM/viewform by Friday! If you submit multiple answers, we’ll use the last one you submit.

On Monday, we’ll reveal the correct answer and tell you more about how you can submit your Q1 knit-a-long projects – we’ll start up a new round of trivia for Q2 in the first week of April!

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