Trivia #10 and Q1 Knit-a-long Submissions

As nearly all of you discovered last week, the Yarnathon was born in 2008 (the last week of February, if we’re being specific), a bit less than 6 months after we opened our doors. It was inspired by, of all things, a “beer around the world” club one of our local restaurants does, where they reward customers with T-shirts, hats, and of course, free beer, for trying different beers within a week, month, or year. While the Yarnathon turned into something entirely different (and definitely non-alcoholic!), the idea behind it really remains remarkably similar – a frequent buying program that celebrates the customer!

That wraps up our trivia game for this quarter, but never fear, a new batch of ten questions will resume the first Monday of April!

So, the time has come to start admiring all your awe-inspiring knit-a-long projects! If you haven’t yet, start by uploading your project to Ravelry and tagging it with the tag “q1-new-to-you” and your team’s tag, so we can all look at the wonderful projects that have come out of this event! On the 31st, we’ll open a voting thread so everyone can vote for their favorite projects, but in the mean time you can get started submitting your projects to us!

The Google Form has been working so well for everyone that it seems like a good way to submit your projects for us to credit. So, you can officially submit your Q1 knit-a-long projects here! All Yarnathoners who complete(d) at least one eligible project will receive 1000 virtual yards toward his or her individual Yarnathon totals. The team with the most participants who complete an eligible project will also receive two virtual “finishers/medalists” towards their team totals at the end of the year!

To be eligible, projects must be:

  • Started on or after January 1, 2014
  • Finished on or before March 31, 2014
  • Completed using only yarn from Eat Sleep Knit
  • Uploaded to Ravelry and tagged with knit-a-long tag “q1-new-to-you” as well as your team’s tag (“fibermonkeys”, “octopurls”, “roboknits” or “stitchosaurs”). Let us know if you have a special circumstance that prevents you from uploading to Rav by e-mailing customer service.

Don’t have a project yet? There are still two weeks left, plenty of time for a small project experimenting with colorwork, brioche stitch, entrelac, a new type of needle or cast-off/on, and so much more!

1 thought on “Trivia #10 and Q1 Knit-a-long Submissions

  1. Since we only get credit for one project, should we just enter a single project or should we enter them all for the contest? Thank you so much for doing this! There aren’t many knitters in Hawaii and I don’t have times for the knit groups with a baby so I’ve really bonded with my Team mates on the Ravelry forums. It’s been really nice, thank you.

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