Q2 Sneak Preview

You’ve got one more week to finish up those Q1 projects and snag that last skein of yarn to get you to the 5 mile mark, but we know many of you are wondering what’s coming next week in Q2 and wanting to plan your purchases.

Q2’s knit-a-long will be a fun one – you can knit (or crochet) any project at all using your team’s mascot! To clarify, this only includes items that actually have the mascot on them, not just the mascot in the name (for example, Cookie A’s famous Monkey socks would not count as a “monkey” project). There so many possibilities for this one that I kind of want to knit something for all the teams (perhaps a special bonus option?). Some ideas for you, which are by no means the only options:

FiberMonkeys – anything with a monkey on it:
gobananas monkeymittens sockmonkeyxmasstockingmonkeyballsmicromonkeymonkeypotholderIMG_0928_medium2IMG_6024_medium2abc_medium2SMMJ_test-RaeLynn_medium2cover2_medium2rainbow_sock_monkey_amigurumi_crochet_pattern_02_mediumimage_medium28391752705_805bc953a2_zzaru_rav1_medium2

Octopurls – anything with an octopus (squid also okay for those of you who don’t feel the need to be technical!):
octopodesTwo_Octopus_medium22207082725_788a1afd7b_zpickleschristmas_1132a_medium2knitting-octopus1_medium22012-09-05_07.09.05_mediumOctopuss_medium2octomitts_pair_medium2Octopus_Dreadlock_Slouch_by_madmonkeyknits3_medium2Shell3_mediumDandy_Sir_Cephalopod_058_medium2octopusgenser2_medium2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3_double_knit_kraken_cowl_medium2IMG-20120414-00037_medium2

Roboknits – robots, of course!
Robot_Mittens_both_mediumroboto1_medium2224476_Z3_medium2IMG_7651_medium25127740901_f148e0d7d3_z5732909424_6c20274fe7_zRocco2_medium2 8520584501_1ee69d8ac3_zcylon2_medium26689843451_1740264ee2_zIMG_4310_medium3492608980_44a608e817_nluvbots_rav2_medium023_medium240153_medium

Stitchosaurs – includes dinosaurs of all types:
weehistoricdinosaur_grey_800_medium2foto1_medium2IMG_1746_1_medium2raptor_mediumScreen_Shot_2012-06-07_at_9.25.41_PM_medium2trexs1_medium2251520_1517537378382_1232910995_31413360_7568709_n_medium2triceratops_medium2IMG_3365_1_1e_medium2 paleogulr_mediumDino_hood_marked__3__medium25783713690_7ba5e8fe27_z2966979609_fe1df6a04d_zGreen_Dino_Front_medium2

We’ll be officially kicking off this KAL on Tuesday, April 1st, when we’ll also announce the Q2 challenge. One more hint? If you’ve been thinking about picking up one of our awesome Yarnathon t-shirts, now wouldn’t be a terrible time! (individual team shirts can be found near the bottom of that link)

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