Q2: Team Spirit Rules!

We are all abuzz at ESK headquarters trying to wrap up all of the contests, prizes, and challenges from Q1, but as we finish one quarter, another is beginning, and we know you’re all ready to play!

So get ready for this quarter’s events, which we’ve titled “Team Spirit!”


Last quarter, we introduced the Team Yarnathon and you started to get to know your teammates and even a lot more about Eat Sleep Knit. Now it’s time to break out those pom poms and celebrate a little team pride!

As we announced in the preview last week, this quarter’s knit-a-long will be Team Mascots – you can knit any pattern that includes your team’s creature on it to qualify, and of course projects must be started after 4/1 and finished by 6/30 and use entirely ESK yarn. And yes, your team charts definitely count – those of you who have hit or will soon hit the 5 mile marker even have all the yarn all kitted up for this, so even if you don’t particularly relish the idea of an elaborate colorwork Octopus sweater (though, who wouldn’t???), you should be able to participate.

This quarter’s Team Challenge is something entirely different that we’re very excited about over here – we’re calling it Yarnathon T-Shirt Scavenger Hunt. Basically, we’ve got a list of different settings where we’d love to see you in your Yarnathon shirt, and you can choose how many you try to get and share one, two, or all of them with us!

Photo Categories:
To get started, put on your Yarnathon shirt (any team shirt or the full Yarnathon logo counts; other ESK shirts will count for half the yardage if you don’t have a Yarnathon shirt) and take a photo (or ask a friend to take a photo) of you, in your shirt…

  1. With your favorite finished ESK project
  2. With your stash
  3. At a monument/statue/famous landmark
  4. With your pet (or borrow a friend’s!)
  5. At your favorite local restaurant or bar
  6. Group photo – as many people in Yarnathon shirts as you can round up!
  7. On some type of public transportation – subway, a plane, a bus, a train
  8. At a public event – a concert, festival, sporting event, etc.
  9. In a Wacky pose
  10. With a celebrity (of course knitting celebrities count!)

We’ve created a Flickr group for everyone to share their photos and we’ve even started you off with a few of the ESK ladies! All you have to do is click “Join Group” to start uploading.

The details:

  • There are ten photo categories, and each one is worth 150 yards in the Yarnathon, with a 500 yard bonus for completing all ten. That means you can get up to 2000 yards towards your individual Yarnathon totals for particpating in this challenge.
  • At the end of the quarter, we’ll also vote for our favorites and the lucky winners can earn some extra ESK gift certificates!
  • Don’t have a Yarnathon shirt? We can fix that! You can get one with your team on it or the full Yarnathon logo. We also understand that not everyone can get a new shirt – if you have an ESK shirt but it’s not a Yarnathon shirt, you can still play for partial credit!


8 thoughts on “Q2: Team Spirit Rules!

  1. Can we cover several categories in one pic? With the cat, and the stash, and the fav knitted object? Does that count for each of those or do we have to take one with the cat, one with the stash, one with the object?

  2. I wish I had read the previous response before I tried to take a selfie standing on my head, with my favorite ESK FO, in front of my stash.

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