Q2: Trivia Question #3

Y’all are some fabulous internet sleuths, can I just say? As so many of you figured out, in the Yarnathon’s inaugural year, 5 enthusiastic knitters reached the finish line with more than 46,000 yards of yarn. And I can probably still dictate all of their 2008 addresses since if I’m remembering right, up until mid-2008, I was still hand addressing all the packages if you can believe it.

One of my favorite things about Eat Sleep Knit has been connecting with customers, gaining friendships, watching their lives change and grow just as mine has. Some years we buy a lot of yarn, and some years we focus on the stash, but many many of our customers from way back when are still customers today, keeping in touch, chatting with us on Rav, and thank you for that! It’s truly excellent.

This week’s question is in keeping with the theme from last week:
Question #3: How many medalists were there in 2013?
Submit your answers on the Google Form by Friday! Every correct answer will receive 50 yards towards their individual total, and if you want to change your guess later in the week, feel free to simply submit a new answer.

Oh, and I totally spaced on the blog last week somehow (tax time, anybody?) but as you figured out, the correct answer to the first quarterly question was $200. 🙂

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