Trivia Question #4 (Q2)

In 2008, we had 5 Yarnathon finishers – in 2013, we had 38! Who knows how many of you we’ll have this year – you are collectively rocking out the Yarnathon this year and we’re so excited that this new team format is letting us get to know more about all of you as people and not just shoppers!

If you submitted an answer between 33-43, you’ve received your yardage and an e-mail to confirm. If you haven’t, just let us know!

This week’s question is up on Twitter:
Question 4: How many T-shirts did we give away in the Yarnathon last year?
Submit your responses via the Google Form by Friday – let’s do a range again, so all answers within 5 of the correct number will get 50 yards added to their individual Yarnathon totals. (And next week’s question will be a softball, we promise!)

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