Q2 Customer Project Gallery

This week’s inspiration comes from our favorite place – you! As your Q2 Team Spirit knit-a-long projects are being posted, we are reminded again about what a fun and creative group of customers we have.

Octopurl slippinginbetween knit this fabulous three-dimensional, sparkly coffee holder:



And our Roboknits are representing with some adorable new friends. SlipZip knit Stashy in the appropriately-named Lorna’s Laces colorway, Robot Overlord:



And we think he and eatmyoxygen’s cutie Bot Byte might become new friends:

eatmyoxygen-botbyteStitchosaur Maryzona had an idea so great we wish we’d thought of it – using the outline from our free Stitchosaurs chart, she created a single-color beaded version and turned it into a wine cozy!

maryzona-coozyFiber Monkey Jubbers is another Yarnathoner with a creative streak – she knit up the Fiber Monkey’s team mascot chart and sewed it onto a tote bag! So great!

jubbers-monkeybagStitchosaur lallantonio knit up this friendly stuffed brontosaurus for her team project – we love the stripes!


Still needing some inspiration? Octopurl widha decided to tackle a new technique at the same time and chose these stunning colorwork octopus mittens for her Q2 project, aren’t they great? And I can’t believe this her first stranding project!

widha-octomittsLooking forward to seeing more and more of your projects as the quarter continues!





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