Trivia Question #5 (Q2)

I know last week’s was a hard one; hopefully it was still fun! Last year, we gave away Yarnathon shirts to everyone who reached 10 miles – that’s 17,600 yards – of yarn, which ended up being 183 people!

1012563_10100361523820209_433093709_n (Here Levi and I are sporting the new shirts
during a photoshoot in january!)

I know we said we’d credit a range of 5 on either side of the correct answer, but about 90% of you guessed within 10 versus maybe 5% who guessed within 5 so we decided to extend the range, because come on, that’s SO CLOSE! So everyone who sent in an answer between 173-193 has been credited and received an e-mail.

Question #5 has been posted to Twitter and as always, you should submit your answers via the Google Form by Friday to receive credit!

Oh, and the dog should probably be fine if you read on Twitter/Rav – she apparently has pancreatitis (!!) but they think her case is moderate and that she should recover fine with fluids and rest. I may need a similar amount of time to recover from the near heart attack she gave us.

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