Team Mascots KAL Prizes

Just a quickie today, since last week’s trivia answer was (I hope!) quite obvious (if you are still wondering, yup, the answer is never!).*

A couple of you have mentioned on Ravelry about the prizes for this quarter’s KAL, and I will admit that for a second I was all, “duh, I already posted that,” except, guess what, I didn’t! Sorry ladies, I totally flaked and thought this was posted with the original post.

So, yes, each person who completes a team mascot KAL project this quarter will receive 1000 yards towards their individual total (limit one award per person). There is also a team prize – the team with the most members who knit a mascot project will get two additional virtual finishers to contribute towards their end of year totals (the Stitchosaurs won this prize in the first quarterly challenge).

And, a secret bonus prize – anyone who completes a qualifying KAL project for all four team mascots (so, a monkey, an octopus, a robot, *and* a dinosaur project) will get a special treat from us in the mail just for being awesome. And before you ask, yes, if you find a way to incorporate all four mascots into one project, I will count that because, frankly, that sounds amazing.

If you’re already ready to submit your project, I’ve gone ahead and opened the submission spreadsheet, but you have until June 30th to submit!

*I also wanted to just mention that some of your responses did crack me up a little bit, because some of you phrase it so it sounds like some kind of gang! Things like, “once you’re in, you’re in it for life” – sounds almost threatening! You will love your 10K club or else!

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