Q2 Trivia #9

Only one question left for the quarter, can you believe it? How is the year already nearly half over?

Last week’s question was, “how many more Yarnathon participants do we have this year compared with 2008, the first year of the Yarnathon?”

In 2008, we had 543 Yarnathoners, a number which frankly blew me away as we’d only been open a short time. Now of course the number this year is always changing, but at the time of the question, we had 3380 (active) yarnathoners, and at the time of the scoring, 3465, a different of 2837-2922, depending on when you counted from.

Now we know a lot of used the November numbers you found as your 2008 numbers, and it’s easy to forget December, so we went ahead and gave credit to everyone who answered between 2750 and 3000, but those of you who answered between 2837-2950 got an extra 50 yards as a bonus and maybe a nice little boost if you missed an earlier trivia question!

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