It’s almost July?? Q3 KAL Preview

Every year around the end of June, I am amazed at how the time flies. I’m sure next year I’ll be saying exactly the same, it’s just – July? is on Tuesday?

Which means the close of Q2 and the start of our 3rd quarter of Yarnathon events! We’ve got plenty of housekeeping to catch up on for Q2, but in the mean time, we know that you probably want to get started planning your Q3 projects and purchases, so a preview for you, and a coupon:

Q3 Knit-A-Long – Oldie But Goodie
We’ve all got at least one, probably dozens. That pattern that you favorited or added to your queue years ago, the one that always seems to be the project you’ll get to “right after I finish up these other two things,” falling ever farther down your list but never quite out of your mind. This knit-a-long is for you, beloved old pattern.

For Q3, we challenge you to pick a pattern that you added to your queue or your favorites during your first year as an active Raveler. Something you always come back to but still haven’t gotten around to yet. If you’re not sure, when you visit your Ravelry queue or your favorites, it will show you the date you added an item – for me, my first year is 2007/2008, but use the first year you started favoriting/queueing things on Ravelry!

Other requirements: As always, all yarn must be from Eat Sleep Knit to be eligible for prizes. Project must be started and completed within the third quarter (July 1-Sept 30). Projects should use a minimum of 200 yards.

Need yarn? We’ve got a special offer for you – place your knit-a-long order between now and July 13th and specify in the comments field which yarn is for your project, and we’ll take 10% off for that yarn. Adjustments will have to be made manually so this discount won’t show up at checkout, but we will e-mail you to confirm.

5 thoughts on “It’s almost July?? Q3 KAL Preview

  1. I thought I asked this here but have no idea where these went.

    Here are some questions that have come up in the group, that I hope we can get an answer to.

    1. If we want to participate and did not use the Queue/Favorites correctly (used library or something else) what can we do?

    2. If we are new to Ravelery, what are our choices?

    3. What if our Queue/Favorite item uses less than 200 yards?

    • For this knit-a-long, we are requiring a minimum of 200 yards so you’ll need to pick something that uses more yardage! Since you have an entire year’s worth of patterns I’d imagine most people have at least one thing that meets that criteria!

      Those who are new to Ravelry are in the same boat as everyone else – pick something from your first year actively using favorites/queue, which is why we phrased it that way as we know people joined at all different times, or joined and then didn’t really use Rav at all for a few years.

      The spirit of the KAL is to knit something you’ve been wanting to or meaning to knit for a long time, or something you were going to and forgot about and are excited to remember again. We haven’t posted the official rules post yet but I hope it is clear from this post that we are attempting to be as inclusive as possible!

  2. My first favorites are from 2008 and they are so wacky, a lot of weird felted stuff, lingerie, and dog sweaters lol! Luckily I put Doris Chan down as a favorite designer back then… I still haven’t made anything by her yet so I’m excited to finally do it! Especially now that my crochet skills can (hopefully) handle it.

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