Q2 Team Spirit Pep Rally

You know it was a great quarter when the hardest day in 3 months consists of worrying if a blog post will be too long – there are so many awesome pictures to post! Though Q2 has come to a close and all cheerleading is over, we wanted to have a post-Q2 pep rally to recognize all the Team Spirit talent! You all really showed us your skill with the KAL and your personalities poured out in the Scavenger Hunt photos. It was neat to see a tiny glimpse into your lives, so thank you for sharing your city, your family, your fluffy pets, your favorite dives, your yarn, and your hearts!

Join us as we shout a big cheer for the T-shirt Scavenger Hunt submissions from Flickr!

Pep Rally


Marilyn C

Marilyn with the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!


SpookyFish and her cute curly girly with the Disney duo!


Stashnstitch and her ESK friends on the day Plover was born

Clalord and her darling sister, Daniluma

Clalord and her darling sister, Daniluma

Sarah in a GIANT Alaskan chair

AlaskanSass in a GIANT Alaskan chair

Sophia the yarn ninja!

Sophiashinies, the yarn ninja!

Rebeccawip's rainbow stash!

Rebeccawip’s rainbow stash!

Yarn bath? KnitWhim is in!

Yarn bath? KnitWhim is in!

ElloKnits with her favorite FOs!

ElloKnits with her favorite FOs!

Beam me up, Drygonstar!

Earth to Drygonstar, all systems go!

Jenib320 with Jacqueline from Soak

Jenib320 with Jacqueline from Soak

What'll ya have, enw_001??

What’ll ya have, enw_001??

Hydrangealover on the trolley! Next stop: ESK!

Hydrangealover on the trolley! Next stop: ESK!

The mascots that were submitted stole the Q2 show! The ingenuity, creativity, inventiveness, and all around awesomeness that kept popping up on the Ravelry boards made our jaws drop on multiple occasions! So get your pompoms out and put your hands together for these unforgettable ESK mascots:


Boosiebutt’s adorable bunch!


Thanks, OrangeLauren, for blowing our minds with your cube-tastic submission!


ElloKnits’ pint-sized bot


A steampunk robot by Isisonearth


Lallantonio says RAWR!


Gir the Robot by Missblane


Barnaby Bot by Redjeep…beep beep love


Retro70sChicks and her crocheted cutie!


Sassywoman sassed our dino pants off!


Sherbre’s T-Rex was featured on Community Eye Candy and now, here!!


Quite the original – Striking Red and Sparkly Octopurl by Slippinginbetween


SlipZip’s group took a selfie…they’re invited to KnitNight any time 🙂


Spookyfish and her quartet of cute!


Stegohat by Thatmadgirl


Sleepingsublime’s Sock Monkey Buddy Hoodie – supersize that sweater for us!


Colioknits’ Mascots on Parade Beanie complete with detachable Octupurl!


Astryd’s Sock Bite Stitchosaur


DeeDot created a lovely ESK scene!


Loved JaniceLester’s homage to hats!

Fishies by ThisPiggyKnits


The one and only Plover by Stashnstitch!

Here is one last cheer to thank you for all the time you spent working on your Q2 KAL and Photo Challenge submissions:

From all of us at ESK,

Raa raa and hip hip, hooray!

We can’t wait for the end of Q3…

to see what you chose for Oldie but Goodie!



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