Mrs. Crosby Loves to Play

Mrs. Crosby 2

Mrs. Crosby Loves to Play has taken the knitting world by storm! From my office, I hear customers rave over the diverse superwash bases and colorways multiple times a week and we can definitely attest to the wonder that is Mrs. Crosby. As you will see in the following interview, Mrs. Crosby Loves to Play is not only a fantastic yarn line but Mrs. Crosby herself is a real gem…or is she even a real person? The mystery and excitement that surround this brand is so much fun! As I told her, I’ve created quite the image of Mrs. Crosby. She is a worldly traveling woman dressed in a peacock blue skirt suit with a cream shawl delicately draped around her shoulders. While on the train, her large bejeweled brooch catches the sun as she quietly rifles through one of her many bags filled with the priceless treasures she has collected along her journey. These treasures are what inspire her colorways…in my head at least! How do you imagine Mrs. Crosby? Maybe the responses from Mrs. Crosby (italicized) will help paint a better picture:

Thanks most awfully for your lovely message. I couldn’t be more pleased that you find the yarns to your liking. I’m in Amsterdam sipping coffee while waiting for the fellow with the long hook to fish my bicycle out of the Herengracht, so happily I have a moment to offer you a reply to your questions.

 Yours Ever, 

Mrs. Crosby

1. Your colorways are simply one-of-a-kind. What inspires you?

Inspiration is like a wild bird. It can fly at you from any direction without notice, and is gone in a flash if you don’t catch on the wing. I cannot tell you that “this” or “that” inspires me, because very little does not.

 2. What does your design process look like? Do you have a notebook or scraps of paper with ideas?

 Mostly, I play. That is all. I play. I try to be unmindful of fixed goals or destinations. I play. When something I play with is pleasing, then I make a note of it. That note may be in a notebook, on a napkin, or in the smooth sand at the water’s edge. It depends upon where I am.

 3. When you aren’t making these incredible yarns, where would we find you and what are you doing?

 Wherever whim and passport take me, dear heart. And when I’m not making yarn I’m most likely playing with it in some fashion.

 4. What is the first thing you ever knit?

 A set of matching luggage for my favorite doll. She was envious of mine and wouldn’t shut up about it.

5. Mrs. Crosby Loves to Play is a very new brand but what are your plans for the future? More bases?

 If one wishes to stand still and repeat oneself, one should seek a field of employment other than mine. I shall be keeping my eyes open for interesting new bases, new colors, and new lines to add to the pretty handmade cards and soaps in my Ephemera lines (

 6. Dare I ask, who is Mrs. Crosby?

She, madam, is me, madam.


Then this quote before her signature sealed the deal in my affinity for this, as she would say, madam: “Life is a series of events darling, dress appropriately.” It was an absolute pleasure briefly delving into the Mrs. Crosby Loves to Play world and we send our utmost appreciation to Mrs. Crosby for giving this interview! Comment below with your image of Mrs. Crosby or share what you are knitting with Train Case, Satchel, Hat Box, Carpet Bag, or Steamer Trunk!

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