Trivia This Week – Cart Math (Q3 #6)

This week’s trivia let you flex your math and reasoning skills along with those needles! We asked you to calculate the yardage received from this sample cart.

samplecartThe answer? 3,190 yards.

Let’s break that down.

violetsblues_4Blue Moon Fiber Arts’s scrumptious Yaksi yarn contains a decadent 250 yards per skein. It’s also on 100% Power Boost this quarter, which means that for every skein you buy, you get credit for buying 500 yards of yarn.

Kauni 8/2 Effektgarn comes in a range of weights; the one in our cart here is the 130 gram put-up, which contains 572 yards according to the product description.

mairin_4Then we have 8 skeins of Juniper Moon’s Yearling, a yarn we’re very sad to see being discontinued. Each skein contains 109 yards. At 8 skeins, that gives us 872 yards plus a 50% yardage bonus for having 6+ skeins of the same color/base. Which gives us a grand total of 872 + 436 (50% of 872) or 1,308 yard for Yearling.
Last but definitely not least is two skeins of Three Irish Girls Springvale DK, I assume to knit the softest winter scarf of all time. At a 50% Power Boost, each 270 yard skein gives you credit for 405 yards, for a total of 810 yards.

500 + 572 + 1308 + 810 = 3,190 yards, our final answer. And a special thank you to our intrepid programmer, the one who makes sure the shopping cart can handle all of these details when adding up your yardage!

Everyone who submitted the correct answer has been credited and e-mailed to confirm. If you believe you submitted the correct answer and did not receive an e-mail, please let us know so we can take care of you. Look for a new trivia question for this week on Twitter!


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