Trivia This Week – S Is For Stash (Q3 #8)

Last week we asked you to tell us how many yarn bases we currently carry that start with the letter “S.” I know, more counting!

The answer, of course, was 28, not counting the hotly debated Numma Numma yarn, “The Special.” The Special is tricky since alphabetically, it would surely fall in the “S” section, but we (and the dyer!) feel that “The” is an integral part of its name, so, a “T” it is.



Some of our very favorite yarns start with “S,” like the buttery soft Smooshy with Cashmere, or Shepherd Worsted, my go-to for sweaters. Staccato Sock, with its silky sheen! Springvale DK, which I continue to believe is so soft it may not even be real.


But at 28 out of 135, that means that a full 20% of all of our yarns start with just one letter of the alphabet. Maybe I’m too much of a nerd, but I think that’s an interesting tidbit. Similarly, most weeks. more than 75% of the trivia respondents names begin with one of six letters, something I find endlessly fascinating. Also, people with first names in the beginning of the alphabet are more likely to be Octopurls, and those with K, L, or M are more likely to be Fiber Monkeys. I don’t know why, but it’s true! (I am also endlessly fascinated by your zip codes and countries of origin, is this indicative of a syndrome?)

Everyone who submitted the correct answer has been credited and e-mailed to confirm. If you believe you submitted the correct answer and did not receive an e-mail, please let us know so we can take care of you. Look for a new trivia question for this week on Twitter!

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