2015 Knitalongs

For this year’s Yarnathon, you’ve got your pick of twelve different knit-and-crochet-a-longs to play along with your teammates and your favorite ESK staffers! We’ll put our focus on three each quarter, but you can start, finish, or join in to any of these any time you like. Choose one, four, or all of them – it’s entirely up to you, and there is sure to be something for every crafter. You can earn anywhere from 250 yards all the way up to a whopping 9,000 yards to your individual Yarnathon total. Details below!

1. Colorwork. For this knit-a-long, you’ve got your choice of five patterns chosen by popular vote on Ravelry in December. Your options are: Fightin’ Words, fingerless mitts with attitude; Roosimine Socks, which use a weaving method to create the colorwork; Stitch Block Cowl, a two-color worsted weight cowl that uses some neat tricks to accomplish the colorwork look; Color Infusion, a reversible three-color fingering weight cowl; or the Pixelated Pullover, a top-down gradient-style sweater for the truly adventurous. Prize: 250 yards for mitts or socks, 500 yards for the cowls, 1000 yards for our intrepid Pixelated Pullover knitters.

2. Headgear. Hats, headbands, ear muffs, SNOODS! If it goes on your head, it works here. Check the Ravelry thread for some staff favorites. Minimum yardage: 50 yards. Prize: 250 yards.

3. Shawls. Big or small, we love them all. Stockinette or miles of lace, stripes or solids or variegated pretties, there are so many variations on the shawl and we look forward to seeing yours. Minimum yardage for this one is 250 yards. Prize: 500 yards for shawls using 250-650 yards, 1000 yards for shawls using more than 650 yards.

4. Hitofude Cardigan. C’mon, you know you want to. It’s been at the top of the popular Ravelry patterns for months, and we have to know what the fuss is about. This masterful lace cardigan is worked all in one piece in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light or a comparable yarn like Mrs. Crosby’s Satchel, Dream In Color’s Jilly, or Manos del Uruguay’s Fino, and together, we can do it! Prize: 1000 yards.

5. No Sleeves! Another peoples’ choice selection, you’ve got three pattern options for this one which we hope cover as many possible body and style types as possible (we know sleeveless can be such a touchy area!). Your options are: Mereweather, a fitted patterned top that works equally well as a tank or a vest on every body type; Beekeeper’s Tank, a free-flowing style summer-y tank; and Hane, a choose-your-own-sleeveless-adventure with six different sleeve/armhole options varying from basic tee to avant garde. Prize: 500 yards.

6. Mitered Squares. Maybe we’re just big knit nerds, but we love mitered squares and their endless possibilities. Most commonly these are knit in garter stitch and turned into blankets, but they can really become anything from scarves to tunics to felted bags and more, and you can even crochet them! Minimum yardage: 150 yards. Prize: 250 yards for projects using 150-300 yards, 500 yards for projects using 301-650 yards, 1000 yards for projects using more than 650 yards.

7. Socks. AKA, fill your boots! We’ve got some fabulous sock pattern options for you to choose from. Select worsted weight socks for a quick, hearty knit: Laule’a, Unicorn Socks or Sweetheart Socks. Or, some fingering weight socks: Bayerische, Hermione’s Everyday Socks, or Cadence Socks. Prize: 250 yards for worsted weight socks, 500 yards for fingering weight socks.

8. New-To-You. Yep, it’s baaaaack! This knit-a-long was just so very much fun last year, we’re going for round two. This is the time to try that thing you’ve been afraid of or meaning to get around to – lace, cables, colorwork, brioche. Some clarification – by new technique, we mean technique, so, new to crocheting? That counts. First time with cables? Totally counts. Never knit magic loop or two-at-a-time or on circulars? Counts! Unfortunately, it being the first time you’ve knit exactly 264 yards of blue yarn into this particular pattern would…be a good project for one of the other 11 knit-a-longs. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you’re not sure. Minimum yardage for this one is 150 yards. Prize: 250 yards for projects using 150-300 yards, 500 yards for projects using 301-650 yards, 1000 yards for projects using more than 650 yards.

9. Sweater Free-for-all. Because we all need a sweater. Cardigan, pullover, short, long, stripes, cables, however you like it! You’ll need to start and complete an adult-sized sweater for this knit-a-long (and if we’re being honest, we’d love to see you knit it for yourself, deserving knitter that you are). Check the Ravelry thread for about a thousand of our staff favorites. Prize: 1000 yards.

10. Selfless Knits. These are your gift knits, your labors of love for children, pets, partners, and co-workers, your charity knitting, your holiday knitting – a knit-a-long to honor the time you’re spending on others. Minimum yardage for this one is 200 yards and yes you can combine multiple projects for a total yardage. Prize: 250 yards for projects using 200-300 yards, 500 yards for projects using 301-650 yards, 1000 yards for projects using more than 650 yards.

11. Felting. It’s, well, it’s felting! The magical act of intentionally ruining your knitting to make it into something somehow even cooler. Now is the perfect time to finally try out French Press Felted Slippers (and there’s even a crochet version) or a Booga Bag or even these fun scrappy oven mitts. Projects should be all or primarily felting to be eligible for prizes. Minimum yardage is 150 yards. Prize: 250 yards

12. Chunky Knits. They’re quick, they’re easy, and they’re so often overlooked. Chunky lace sweaters like Road to Gimmerton are some of our favorites as you can often knit a great little sweater with just a few hundred yards and a little spare time! And of course chunky yarn makes great winter accessories. For this knit-a-long, any chunky, bulky, or super bulky projects count, minimum yardage is 125 yards. Prize: 250 yards for projects using 125-250 yards, 500 yards for projects using more than 250 yards.

General Guidelines for ALL knit-and-crochet-a-longs:
*Projects should be completed entirely from yarn originating from Eat.Sleep.Knit. Exceptions are small embellishments like embroidered faces.
*While any knit-a-long can be completed at any time during the year, all projects should be started and completed during 2015.
*Each project can only earn a prize for one knit-a-long, i.e. you’ll need at least one project per knit-a-long you participate in.
*For knit-a-longs with specific yardage requirements or levels, you can combine multiple projects to meet the yardage requirements.
*Each Yarnathoner is only eligible for one prize per knit-a-long, so if you want to knit two things from the same knit-a-long you’ll just receive the one yardage credit (but have two fun projects to show for it!).

*You can submit your completed projects on our website via your (new!) Yarnathon dashboard. We’ll be reviewing submissions as they arrive, but please allow 1-2 weeks to receive your credits!

9 thoughts on “2015 Knitalongs

  1. In the same vein as Kathy on 1/1/15 at 12:48 — can KAL projects count for Booster badges, as well? Kudos on all of the super-fun, creative challenges this year!

  2. I’m a crocheter…cant really knit to save my life…for the alongs that have specific patterns are there crochet options available to do instead, or am I just able to participate in the alongs that are less specific?

  3. I’m wondering if you are steadfast on the patterns related to the sleeveless KAL (and any other KAL’s that you have listed specifically for it)? I’m finding that the selected projects for these KAL’s are not my taste. Can I still enter the KAL if I use other patterns other than the ones specified?

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