Knitting is An Act of Love

Knitting is an act of loveIt’s plain and simple: knitting for others is an act of love. We spend time picking out (or obsessing over) the perfect pattern, get achy hands marathon knitting, and squint in the wee hours of the night trying to finish up those last few rows in hopes to wrap our loved ones in the fibers we adore. It would be easy to run to the mall and buy a hat but we want to know, my sweet son’s head is warm tonight because I made him a hat with great yarn that will last a lifetime.

Love is why we keep knitting. We love our yarn, our needles, our bags & pouches, our colorways, our yarn-y friends, and our finished projects! A baby blanket to keep Molly’s tootsies warm, a shawl for a best friend to wear on her wedding day, fingerless mitts for a toddler to wear outside to explore, a sweater to keep the chill off a puppy or kitty’s back, a black & yellow scarf for my daughter to wear to college, a pair of socks to keep dad’s feet warm in his boots. All of those projects, and many more, will be cherished, made into keepsakes, or worn every day, all day. They will be photographed and shared for many years! Each picture will be bursting with joy so, with this love-filled day approaching, remember why we do what we do. Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, we can all agree on the reason we knit…because we love it! And that makes us feel like red hearts, pink flowers, fluffy white teddy bears, and enough dark chocolate to feed an army!

FLASH CHALLENGE: Find Your Heart!   Listed below are all the colorways with love, heart, valentine, chocolate, or kiss anywhere/anyway in them – EXCLUDING ONE! Your task is to find the one we omitted and comment on this blog post or our Facebook post with the missing dyer and colorway. The random number generator will pick one of the correct answers on Friday, February 13th and 1 PM Eastern and they will receive a VERY special delivery from ESK! Remember, all we want here is dyer and colorway – leave the bases out on this one!

  • Claudia Handpainted Yarn
    • Be My Valentine
    • Frog Kisses
    • Chocolate
    • Chocolate Cherries
  • Madelinetosh
    • Lovers Walk
    • Stephen Loves Tosh
  • Blue Sky
    • Chocolate
  • Handmaiden
    • Chocolate
  • Lorna’s Laces
    • Chocolate (Mixed Lot)
    • Valentine
  • Fleece Artist
    • Chocolate (Lot A, B, & C)
  • Juniper Moon
    • Dark Chocolate
  • Squoosh
    • True Love
  • Numma Numma
    • Chocolate Teal
    • Dipped in Chocolate
  • Tanis
    • Sweetheart
  • Dream in Color
    • Valentine (& Kettle Dyed)
    • Cocoa Kiss (Lot A & B)
    • Chocolate Night
  • Pagewood Farm
    • Chocolate
  • Cascade
    • Chocolate
    • Bitter Chocolate
  • Yarn Love
    • Belgian Chocolate
    • Sweetheart
    • Valentine
  • Manos
    • Dark Chocolate
  • Malabrigo
    • Light of Love
    • Little Lovely
    • Belgian Chocolate
    • Rich Chocolate (Lot A & B)
    • Chocolate Amargo
  • Spud & Chloe
    • Chocolate Milk
    • Sunkissed


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