Top 5 Reasons to Knit



If you have never knit before or knit often and have been asked, “Why are you playing with that string?” know that knitting can be very beneficial! The knitting community is so supportive and helpful, there have been studies about the positive effects knitting has on our brains, and helllooo…yarn is pretty! Here are our top 5 reasons we cannot put our needles down!

1. Stress Relief

We have all had one of those days where nothing seems to be going right. Kids were late for school, work seemed to drag on for days instead of hours, you got a flat tire, and the fast food person messed up your order. We’ve been there and thought, “All I want to do is go home and knit.” The peace, comfort, and calm that knitting brings is unparalleled. Sitting quietly in your comfy chair, sipping your favorite beverage, and focusing on those stitches makes the world disappear somehow. Stress just melts away and your brain can slowly calm itself.

2. Community

If you are not a Ravelry member or part of a knitting group, we would strongly suggest checking either out! You will be blown away by how funny, helpful, supportive, and kind-hearted the members of this community are. It’s not just about knitting, it’s about friendship! The few hours, okay MANY hours, we spend on Ravelry or at Knit Night really brighten our days. It’s nice to always have someone there to share their experiences, knitting-related or otherwise. Sometimes, the “otherwise” conversations are the best and can provide a lot of support or a simple laugh when that’s the right medicine. Yarnies make the best friends!


3. Necessity

Yes, we fiddle with string and sticks. We talk to ourselves and put people on hold because we are counting. It may seem weird but when you see the finished products, knitting is a force to be reckoned with! We all need clothes and accessories, especially during colder months. A lot of our customers are in countries where colder temperatures are the norm so knitting for them is just part of their lives. Knitting hats, scarves, and mitts is basically a means of survival for them so quality is key. Hand knit items last so much longer and will wear for years to come. So knit away and clothe yourself in the woollies we all adore!

4. Nostalgia

Everyone’s start in knitting is different. Maybe you taught yourself to learn a new skill, maybe you admired your aunt’s beautiful hand knit stockings, or maybe you have fond memories of learning from your grandmother. Whatever brought you to the knitting world, we have no doubt that there are great memories attached. Trust us, as you continue to progress, there’s lots more memories to come!

5. Fun & Addicting

When you are in the middle of the mammoth of all shawls, you may forget how fun knitting is but you keep coming back, right? The preparation and that feeling when you finish a project can keep you going for days! Scouring Ravelry for hours for the perfect pattern, checking to see if you have the right size needles/cords, and setting your surroundings for the perfect knitting nest (is yours Netflix, coffee, and a big blanket, too?). Did we miss something? Oh yeah, THE YARN! You get to paw through miles of gorgeously dyed yarns. Oh the glory you feel when you finally find that perfect skein or the perfect color combination. It’s like a little journey each time, you hit bumps in the road and climb to the top highest peaks. When you think back, the journey as a whole was fun and worthwhile! Before you know it, you are hooked on that feeling. You buy tubs full of yarn and create some amazingly unique garments that will spread so much joy!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to Knit

  1. Expressing Creativity and to keep from smoking. Actually quit 2 years ago but I knit like a machine at first. It helped.

  2. So true. I would also add “the need to create” or “creative fulfillment.” I know that is a big one for me.

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