The Home Stretch!

Mascots race

Here we go again with that all-familiar feeling of disbelief that, holy cow, it is already October. Q3 was quite an adventure so, with all the fun we were having, I guess we lost track of time! You guys were testing the waters of the addictive world of spinning, showing off your fluffy pets to earn the Woof & Meow badge, being super supportive to one another on the Ravelry forums, and so much more! We hope to keep all the action going in Q4 so read below to see what’s in store.

Booster Club

Low – Swatchbuckler, Froggerella, Night Owl Knits, & Shake Your PomPom

Medium – Yarnthropologist, Charity Knits, Movie Knitter, On a Jet Plane, & My Little Pony

High – Speedy Crafter, Roy G Biv, Hexipuffologist, Team Spirit

See the Booster Club page for the full explanations to see how you can earn these badges. You may have already earned a few from your knitting earlier in the year!


Just like Q3, we will be focusing on 3 KALs which we will all vote on at the end of the quarter. The last 3 KALs to round out the year are: Selfless Knits, Felting, and Chunky Knits. Speaking of voting, who won the Q3 $20 store credits, you ask?!?

Q3 Socks – Popular Vote:  Lucy325      Random Winner: ofdelos

Q3 New-To-You – Popular Vote:  Quixotism   Random Winner: oboegoddess

Q3 Sweater Free-for-all – Popular Vote: Luarn Random Winner: izamight

The credits have already been added to your accounts – congratulations! A big thank you to everyone for submitting and voting!!

You can submit your completed projects and badges via your Yarnathon dashboard. We’ll be reviewing submissions as they arrive, but please allow 1-2 weeks to receive your credits.


Trivia starts back up next week (October 5) so check our Twitter feed for the final round of questions for the year and submit your answers here. This quarter’s theme is YOU! Specifically, the members of our Ravelry forums! We read as many of your posts as we can and love staying involved with you all so we thought it would be fun to test your knowledge of your fellow Ravelers. Here is a list of the most active members but the questions could be about any of you:

most active Ravelers

Q4 Triathlon Challenge

We are in the 4th quarter so we are going to put you all to the test you all with a team challenge! You, along with your Yarnathon teammates, can earn points towards your teams total by completing 1 or all of the mini-challenges. Teams can win 1 virtual finisher per part of the triathlon. Will there be a clean sweep from one team or will 3 teams win a finisher each? We can’t wait to see what happens! You can also earn your Team Spirit badge by earning 5 points for your team. The submission deadline is December 25th at 12 AM Eastern to allow for scoring and awarding of finishers before the end of the year!

Part 1: Plethora of Puzzles

Puzzle 1: Zoom
We have zoomed in on the logos of some of our dyers. Your job is to correctly identify each logo! Correctly identify all of the logos and you will earn your team 1 point. Type your answers in the blanks of this PDF.

Puzzle 2: Scramble your Base
We love a classic word scramble puzzle so your job is to unscramble the letters of random knitting-and-ESK-related words and solve the final word to complete the riddle. A complete and correct puzzle earns your team 1 point. Type your answers in the blanks of this PDF.

Puzzle 3: Madelinetosh Menagerie
Admittedly, we had way too much fun creating this puzzle! Your job is to correctly identify 15 Madelinetosh colorways as represented in picture form in the collage. We have thrown a few pictures in to trick you so be careful! Type your final answers into the blanks below the picture on this PDF.

To submit your completed puzzles, you can either:
1. E-mail your completed PDF(s) to with the subject line ‘Puzzles’
2. Snail mail is to the store address at 6400 Highlands Parkway, Ste I
Smyrna, GA 30082

NOTE: PLEASE fill out the forms completely with your ESK username, e-mail address, and team name to receive your credits!

Part 2: Knit Your Colors

DSC_0221For this challenge, you can choose to knit one or all of the pieces from the pattern From Norway with Love by Anna & Heidi Pickles using your team color(s). See the color lineup below:

Purple/Blue – Woolrus
Orange/Red – Fleecy Foxes
Green/Yellow – Cowlettes
Pink/Rainbow – Yarnicorns

You will earn 1 point for each piece that you knit using only your team colors, up to 3 points per person. Upload your project(s) as one project page on Ravelry with the tag ESKTriathlon2015. There are loads of great yarn options for these in the shop, but a few suggestions: Madelinetosh Silk Merino for a luxurious project, Cascade 220 Superwash for a more affordable approach, Three Irish Girls Springvale DK for a super variegated yarn, or Juniper Moon Herriot for a more rustic feel. Erin knit up her Yarnicorn hat in just a few days using Silk Merino in Natural and Springvale DK in Luau for the hearts and bonus pom pom.

Part 3: Mascot Scavenger Hunt

For this challenge, we want you all to show your mascot around your hometown! We have created a list of scavenger hunt locations for you to snap a picture of your mascot (and maybe you) and share with all of us! Many of you have already knit the MochiMochiland mini mascots so these will come in handy for this challenge. You can also print one of the thumbnails of your mascot here and use that.

Your set of pictures will earn 1 point for featuring printed mascots, 2 points for featuring MochiMochiland mini mascots, and 3 points for featuring both MochiMochiland mini mascots AND you in your ESK t-shirt.

Photo Locations:

  1. Produce section
  2. Blue USPS mailbox/dropbox or international equivalent
  3. Library book return
  4. In shopping cart or basket at a hardware store
  5. In the snow or paper snowflakes
  6. Gazebo
  7. Fire hydrant or fire station
  8. Christmas tree or pine tree (on a pine cone)
  9. With a decorative gourd (includes jack-o-lanterns)
  10. With a turkey (live or cooked, you choose)

Rules for Part 3

  • You may only earn 3 points if you have knit the mini mascots, you cannot use the printed mascots and you in your ESK t-shirt to earn the maximum points.
  • This is a scavenger hunt for only your team’s mascot. You may not earn points using other team’s mascots.
  • Submit your pictures on this Ravelry thread.

May the Ravelry boards light up like a Christmas tree and let the games begin! Have fun!

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