December’s Exclusive Madelinetosh Colorway – The Fox


Opened in 1929, The Fox, often called Fabulous Fox by Georgia natives, is a former movie palace which is very evident by its elaborate and lavish design. It now serves as not only an Atlanta staple, but a host to a plethora of cultural and artistic events including the Atlanta Ballet, a summer film series, concerts, and touring Broadway performances. The Fox is the home of the 2nd largest theater pipe organ and was originally intended to be a Yaarab Shrine Temple. This theater has survived remodels and threat of demolition for almost 90 years and has earned its permanence in the heart of Atlanta.

The FoxIf you haven’t been to The Fox, you haven’t truly been to Atlanta. The rich interior is something to experience all in itself with red velvet seats, intricate wood carvings, and a blue-lit ceiling that mimics the sky. I’ve been to a few concerts at The Fox but my favorite visit was, hands down, seeing the off-Broadway production of The Little Mermaid. The costumes, the make up, the props, the was as if I was under-da-sea with Sebastian and Ariel! But for me, Ursula and Flotsam & Jetsam stole the show. Ursula was truly a master villain who gave you goosebumps when she bellowed ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls.” Flotsam & Jetsam were brought to life with their glowing eye, lit-up “electric” tails, and they even “swam” through the stage on roller skates. The Fox hosted a truly magical show!

The last exclusive Madelinetosh colorway, The Fox, is available in the following bases: TMLPashmina, Tosh DK, Tosh VintageTosh Sock and Twist Light.

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