Yarnatron 5000

yarnatronAll the yards & stars you all earned during the Leap Day Challenge put the ESK ship into overdrive; unlocking a whole new planet to add to the Yarnathon – Pluto! We also found this cute little robot who is a distant relative of our 2014 Roboknit mascot. Everyone, meet Yarnatron 5000! If we can solve all of Yarnatron’s puzzles in Q2, he will show us how to get to Pluto. You know what that means, you can get there too! If you earn 100,000 yards along your Yarnathon journey, you will receive a special Pluto Pack filled with lots of awesome goodies, $50 store credit, and 10 stars for your team!

How do you play?

Yarnatron 5000 replaces our weekly trivia game, so you’ll go to the same Google form to see his puzzles. He has every picture of our yarn stored on his memory chip. He will tune his dials and 2 pictures will show up on his screens. You must first decipher which colorways he pulls up then find their common linking word. Here is an example. Say Yarnatron dials in Spicewood and Woodstock from Madelinetosh. The answer for this puzzle would be ‘wood’: Spice-wood-stock. The yarns he finds won’t always be from the same dyer so they will be more challenging throughout the quarter.

Where do you submit?

Yarnatron will be just like trivia used to be. You will find him on the Google doc each Monday and submit your answer just like you always have by Friday at Midnight EST. Please only answer the linking word. So for the example above, all you would write is ‘wood’ and we will add 50 yards to your account.

Have fun with our newest puzzle! Continue with your chatter on Ravelry so we can all zoom out to the littlest dwarf planet, Pluto!

2 thoughts on “Yarnatron 5000

  1. Yeah – Pluto is my favorite planet and will always be officially be in our solar system in my yarniverse! And love Yarnatron 5000 – robots rule!

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