Q2 Begins Today!

The first quarter is always an absolute madhouse of excitement! There are so many new things that it is somewhat hard to take in. As things settled and you got to know your new teams, the competition was seriously on! You all earned tons, and we mean TONS, of Booster Club badges, blasted through the Yarniverse, and gathered so many stars for your teams. We hope to continue the fun so read on to see what’s new in Q2!


Knitalong_iconWe are not starting any new KALs in April but we will continue working on our Space Shawls and Carson Throws. If you haven’t started, feel free to join any time! We have seen some amazing progress and look forward to awarding more store credit in the show off threads for the Carson Throw and shawl voting thread which will open at the end of April.

We will start our Freestyle KAL in May which is going to be tons of fun! We know what happens when we let you guys loose – you produce some inventive & beautiful work. As the name states, this is not a pattern-specific KAL but you must choose between 2 yardage brackets: 300-599 yard projects earn 250 yards & .5 star; 600+ yard projects earn 500 yards & 1 star.

In June, the Space Socks KAL begins. For this KAL, you must knit a pair of adult sized socks (this Ravelry search may be helpful) using any weight of our exclusive space colorways. You may choose any sock pattern and the minimum yardage requirement is 350 yards. If you complete your socks, you will earn 500 yards and 1 star for your team!

Booster Club

BoosterClub_IconWe know you all have been anxiously awaiting the new set of badges but wait no more! We have 6 new badges for you to earn in 2016. See what you can, will, or maybe even have already earned:

Walk Like An Estonian (20 points)
To Wear Not to Wear (20 points)
New School (10 points)
I’m So Indie (10 points)
Steeking Streaker (5 points)
Double Dutch (5 points)

New Puzzle

yarnatronIn lieu of trivia, we will be starting a new puzzle series on April 4th called Yarnatron 5000! If you can correctly solve the puzzle each week, you will earn 50 yards towards your Yarnathon total. That means you can earn 500 extra yards this quarter just by playing along & not buying a single thing. The puzzle will be posted each Monday on our Google doc and is due by Friday at Midnight EST, just like trivia. For the full explanation on how to solve Yarnatron’s puzzles, click here.

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