Kitty Kaboodle: Inside the Kittys Studio


Inside the Actors Studio hosted by James Lipton has always been a fun way to get to know odd things about actors. We thought we would try our hand at this interviewing style to let you in on some quirks and smirks about the ESK kitties! We are definitely a diverse litter but somehow we all balance each other out like a crazy game of Twister!

  1. Favorite / Least Favorite Word
  2. Sound or Noise you Love / Hate
  3. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
  4. Unique or Quirky Habits
  5. Best Birthday Memory
  6. Favorite Soda
  7. Going on a road trip, what’s your gas station car snack?
  8. Favorite part of the ESK shop
  9. Show you can always marathon/Movie you’ve seen 100 times
  10. First thing you do when you wake up
  1. jessLackadaisical / Any word beginning with ‘B’
  2. Wind rusting leaves / Screaming babies
  3. An astronaut!
  4. There has to be a pattern to my candy before I eat it. If I pour out Startbursts, I put them in rainbow order.
  5. 30th – I had a Logan’s Run themed party because, in the movie, once you turn 30, they think you are reincarnated.
  6. Red Hare Rootbeer
  7. Starbursts
  8. I tend to squish the big skeins of Blue Moon because they’re a good cuddle size.
  9. Firefly / Interstellar
  10. Play on my tablet – I check Facebook & Instagram while still laying in bed.


  1. Lumens / Moisture
  2. Thunderstorms / Crinkling plastic bags unnecessarily
  3. UN Interpreter
  4. I have to have scrambled eggs & toast for breakfast or I just can’t start my day.
  5. My first birthday while working at ESK! The knit nighters threw me a coffee and trivia party!
  6. IBC Rootbeer in the glass bottle
  7. Haribo gummy bears
  8. The indie dyer room that houses WSK, NBK, TIG, Yarn Love, etc.
  9. Scrubs / Oceans 11, 12, 13
  10. Get up and make scrambled eggs & coffee


  1. Ridiculous / Potty
  2. The sound of children sleeping / White noise
  3. Cognitive Scientist
  4. I’m obsessive about alphabetization. I regularly alphabetize my books and, if I’m at a movie or book store, and the order is wrong, I have to fix it!
  5. My 8th birthday was particularly memorable because my mom made a cake to look like my Purr-tender kitty named Purry. She used a gingerbread man cake pan, ice cream cones for the ears, and iced him to look like fur!
  6. Cherry Coke Zero
  7. Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Combos & a Cherry Coke Zero
  8. The ottoman in Emily’s office – I curl up on it when we have meetings
  9. My So Called Life / Down To You & Playing by Heart
  10. Get a Cherry Coke Zero from the fridge, even if I’m carrying a screaming child.


  1. Panda / No
  2. Woofy noise my dog, Dash, makes while dreaming / Beeping of a truck backing up
  3. Field Archaeologist
  4. I time myself completing various tasks like folding laundry. I don’t try to beat my best time, I just need to know how long it takes for some reason. And I count my steps!
  5. My first day of kindergarten was my 5 birthday so I got to wear a paper crown all day!
  6. Orange Crush
  7. Honey Roasted Peanuts
  8. The Madelinetosh corner that houses TML, Sock, Vintage, and Twist Light
  9. The X-Files / Young Frankenstein
  10. I wake up to a pair of beady eyes staring at me so I immediately take Dash out.


  1. Spelunking / Moist
  2. The droning of a box fan / Hearing someones dry mouth on a podcast
  3. Medieval Historian
  4. I only floss in my car at stop lights & I absolutely cannot sleep without my box fan, a ceiling fan won’t work.
  5. I have a July birthday so we spent most of my childhood birthday’s on Sanibel Island with family having a big beach party!
  6. Classic Coke
  7. Gummies or Corn Nuts
  8. I’m fascinated by Dream in Color Jilly and Manos del Uruguay Alegria
  9. Vikings / Teen Witch
  10. I purposely put my alarm clock across the room so I hobble over to turn it off.
  1. Emily Gorgeous / I can’t even type this word because I hate it so much so here’s an acronym: Touching Uranium Really Delights Sally
  2. Church bells / Cats brawling
  3. I’d really like to name nail polish colors.
  4. The volume in my car or on the TV has to be on an even number.
  5. My 4th birthday was a carnival theme so my mom painted animals on pieces of wood, like a seal with his mouth open. Then she filled a tube sock with beans to make “fish” for us to throw in the seals mouth.
  6. Cream Soda
  7. Bugles and Bull’s Eyes
  8. Yarn Love – it’s spectacular and smells SO GOOD!
  9. The Office / The Sound of Music
  10. I sit up, pet Bianca, and think about how tired I am for about 13 minutes.


  1. Fluffy / Squeee!
  2. Popping of bubble wrap / Squeee! (again)
  3. National Geographic photographer
  4. I set my alarms at odd times, never on the half or quarter hour. My morning alarm is at 3:46 AM.
  5. I remember we always went ice skating when I was a kid because I have a winter birthday.
  6. A&W Rootbeer
  7. Sweet & Spicy jerky
  8. The indie room because it smells so good!
  9. Gilmore Girls / Troop Beverly Hills
  10. Turn on the lights and pet my dog, Lexi!
  1. amyThank You / Overuse of ‘Amazing’
  2. My chocolate lab, Charlie, softly snoring on the couch / Mouth noises – chewing, slurping
  3. Dog trainer
  4. I have to clean the sink every morning after I brush my teeth.
  5. One year, my husband got me a lesson to fly a plane!
  6. Diet Coke
  7. Payday
  8. I am drawn to the Northbound Knitting cubes.
  9. BBC’s Coupling / The Italian Job
  10. Put on my pedometer – gotta count those steps!

Please share your answers in the comment section below! We would love to hear your interesting answers 🙂

5 thoughts on “Kitty Kaboodle: Inside the Kittys Studio

  1. Favorite / Least Favorite Word – (the f-bomb) / Least: “My bad”.

    Sound or Noise you Love / Hate – the hum of the house when I’m the only one home/when the radio is turned down, but not loud enough to hear what’s on.

    What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Professional Blogger lol

    Unique or Quirky Habits: I am a learning junkie. To date, I’ve learned how to do actual woodworking (like building bookcases, chairs, etc), installed ceramic floor tiles, installed a hardwood floor, plumbing, watercolor & acrylic painting, spinning, knitting, crocheting, massage therapy (I have my AAS – Applied Health), .. etc.

    Best Birthday Memory: My 25th birthday – my friends came from all over the States, and some from England, even, and we partied like it was my 21st 😀

    Favorite Soda: Cherry coke

    Going on a road trip, what’s your gas station car snack? White Cheddar Popcorn.

    Favorite part of the ESK shop – I’ve never been, which makes me sad.

    Show you can always marathon/Movie you’ve seen 100 times: Buffy/How To Train Your Dragon

    First thing you do when you wake up: check my phone for messages.

  2. coffee/moist
    children laughing/high pitched whining
    Bookshelves have to be organized by author and size, and I check/fix them dozens of times a day. I have to.
    My first birthday as a single mom, when my son (then 4) tried so hard to make it special.
    Coca Cola
    Lotto tickets haha
    Harry Potter. Always.
    I immediately get up and make coffee. Because kids.

  3. What a fun edition of Kitty Kaboodle!

    Favorite / Least Favorite Word
    Favorite: Radiance
    Least Favorite(s): Moist, Unctuous, Luscious. Gross words that make me shudder when I hear them!

    Sound or Noise you Love / Hate
    Love: Waves coming in
    Hate: The sound when someone’s nails brush against paper or dry skin

    What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
    I looooove librarianship…but I’d love to decorate cakes (or dye yarn!)

    Unique or Quirky Habits
    I eat M&Ms in order of color, saving green for second-to-last and blue for last.

    Best Birthday Memory
    Two years ago we went to Nashville for my birthday. I got to go to the flea market, and I got a Birthday Princess sticker at the Disney Store (despite the fact that it was my 22nd birthday!)

    Favorite Soda
    NuGrape, but they don’t sell it here…so Diet Coke, I suppose.

    Going on a road trip, what’s your gas station car snack?
    Cheddar and cracker Combos!

    Favorite part of the ESK shop
    I’ve never been there (alas, I live in Illinois)…but I spend an irrational amount of time oogling the SweetGeorgia section of the website!

    Show you can always marathon/Movie you’ve seen 100 times
    Show: Leverage
    Movie: You’ve Got Mail

    First thing you do when you wake up:
    Feed my kitty, Mirielle!

  4. Favorite / Least Favorite Word: Baboo (my own made up word for my fur-kids) / literally – when used incorrectly
    Sound or Noise you Love / Hate: A horse nickering & the snorfling noise the puppies make when you are giving them a fantastic scritch / nails on a chalkboard
    What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I love the idea of running my own little shop of quirkiness without any thought of realism.. 😉
    Unique or Quirky Habits: I alphabetize collections (movies, tv shows, cd’s, etc) and book series should be in order, but I have a super messy workspace. I believe in the archealogical form of filing.. the oldest is on the bottom!
    Best Birthday Memory: I am not terribly fond of my birthdays, but I try to spend them with my family and fur-kids. Going to the barn on my birthday is something I try to do every year since buying my horse.
    Favorite Soda: Coke (the original, no substitutions!)… but I can’t tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi (don’t shoot!)
    Going on a road trip, what’s your gas station car snack? Something chocolate
    Favorite part of the ESK shop: I am sad because I haven’t seen the shop in person, so I would have to say the MT section of the website… 🙂
    Show you can always marathon/Movie you’ve seen 100 times: Stargate or Buffy/Supertroopers
    First thing you do when you wake up: hit snooze

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