Introducing Yarnopoly!


Drum roll, please…We are so excited to announce our newest customer rewards game: Yarnopoly! This game will take the place of Yarn Lotto cards for a limited time so see what properties & prizes you can collect before we switch back to Yarn Lotto.

What’s Yarnopoly? Play our version of everyone’s favorite board-turned-give-away game. You will receive a Yarnopoly card, or two if you are in the 10K Club, in each order you place. Open the card to reveal your playing pieces. Playing pieces could either be properties with base-inspired names, railroads, or instant wins. The 6 instant wins include:

  • $5 store credit
  • $10 store credit
  • Soak Sampler
  • Notions Rescue Kit
  • Project Bag
  • Skein of Yarn

If you collect all the properties from a specific color (ie: Navy Yarnopoly is TML Turnpike & Pashmina Parkway), you win a BIG Yarnopoly prize! If you collect all 4 Railroads, you win a $2000 shopping spree! The full list of Yarnopolies and their prizes are listed on the board above or click here to download and print a larger version.

What’s changed? Logistically, not much except for creating this super fun new game! You will still receive Yarnopoly cards in every order just like Yarn Lotto cards. 10K Clubbers will still receive 2 Yarnopoly cards. You still have the chance to win instantly but you now have the added chance to win BIG prizes if you collect a Yarnopoly.


  1. Yarnopoly cards will start to be included in orders placed on July 14th.
  2. The end date of Yarnopoly is a surprise! We will announce when it is nearing the end based on how long suppies last.
  3. Yarnopoly pieces expire 90 days after Yarnopoly ends.
  4. If you get an instant win, send in your filled out card just like a Yarn Lotto card.
  5. If you win a Yarnopoly, send in your winning property pieces with a filled out card and we will contact you via e-mail.
  6. Non-property spots on the board are decorative.
  7. If you win a Yarnopoly in store, your prize may not be claimed in store. Please leave your property pieces with one of kitties and we will contact you via e-mail about your prize.

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