Shipping Queen


If you have ever wondered how we ship so quickly, the answer is Lindsay – our Shipping Queen! We thought it might be fun to give you all a glimpse into our shipping process by following Lindsay around for a day. She does SO MUCH for us so be ready to be in awe of “A Day in the Life of The Shipping Queen.”

2Time to wake up – Lindsay is an early riser! She wakes up so she can spend the morning with her husband before they both start their days.


first-breakfastFirst breakfast – before the gym, Lindsay enjoys her most important meal of the day…twice!


3Gym time – Lindsay and Larry hit the gym early to beat the crowds. She loves a peaceful workout before the craziness of shipping tons of yarn orders begins.


4Commute – Lindsay commutes an hour to work each way, every day. She has become a big fan of books on tape!


5Arrives at ESK – This is the scariest part of Lindsay’s day. Imagine walking into an extremely dark building all alone trying to find 10 light switches. Luckily, she keeps a pair of slippers under her desk that she immediately puts on for comfort!


second-breakfastSecond breakfast & e-mails – As Lindsay nibbles on her second breakfast, she is answering all of the customer service questions/concerns that you all have.



6 Print orders – Lindsay starts printing out the orders that have poured in over night at 6 AM to ensure your package is pulled and shipped as fast as possible.



630 Pull orders – This is a big process, especially when the day before was a 150 order day! She turns on her music and zooms around the store in her slippers. It looks like she is on an episode of Supermarket Sweep!


7 Pack orders – Kinsey arrives to check the orders that Lindsay has pulled & packed. Lindsay has to be sure she has chosen the correct box for the weight of the package or if it’s an international customer. She adds the prizes you all have earned and makes sure all your yarn matches nicely.



Lunch time – By the time the rest of the kitties arrive, Lindsay is usually relaxing in the break room, playing a game on her phone, and enjoying her lunch.


10 Scan, Tape, Ship – After Kinsey has checked all the orders, it is time to scan the invoices so they are marked as shipped, top the boxes with tissue, tape them up, and put them on our big cart for USPS to pick up.



11 Load up the cart – Lindsay gets to play a little Tetris to see if she can fit all the boxes on the cart. The First Class mailers all go into giant plastic bags. Once the mail truck arrives to pick up the packages, they scan a sheet we print out (this is what creates your tracking numbers), and do their best to fit everything in the truck. Sometimes, they have to come back for a second pick up or switch to a bigger vehicle.


2pm The End – A mere 12 hours after The Shipping Queen wakes up, she is ready to go home to her husband and dogs! She drives an hour home and is usually in bed by 7PM so she can come back bright and early to start this process all over again!

Lindsay definitely deserves some kuddos for all she does. If you’d like to share your thanks, comment below!

27 thoughts on “Shipping Queen

  1. The customer service ESK provides is always outstanding and surpasses every expectation! I can attest to the awesomeness of Lindsay as she has contacted me to let me know the skeins in stock of a color I had ordered didn’t match and would I like to switch? I love the extra care that is shown to customers and Lindsay is a shining example of why I keep coming back. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. WOW! Lindsay, you ROCK!! Now I need a nap because just reading all this has worn me out.
    Thank you SO much for all you do for us!

  3. OMG, Linsday, you get up at 2:00 am for us?? We know ESK’s shipping process is amazing, and now we know why! Sorry if we’ve been taking you for granted. Thank you so, so much! I’ll think of you every time I see that ESK box in my mail! This goes for you too, Kinsey…and all of you sweet kitties!

  4. I have placed a lot of orders over the past few years. A lot. And I have never received the wrong item, not once. And when there was a discrepancy in the availability, or skeins from different dye lots, the response feels almost immediate, asking what I might want instead. That is so amazing. Thank you for your hard work and attention to detail.

  5. YOWZA! Lindsey, you are truly amazing and we all truly appreciate you! Everything you do and have done to make sure we ESK/yarnaholics are all happy and squealing when our order arrive is just outstanding! Thank you!!!!

  6. That is so awesome! I once had a baking job I started at 3:30am, and it certainly felt nice to have work done earlier in the day, even if I did go to bed early! Really fun to share the day in the life!

  7. Having had multiple emails from Lindsay about different orders, I can attest to what a fabulous job she does making sure the customers are happy. I had no idea she got up so early in the day to do it!!! So impressive. Thanks for the backstory and for hiring such a fantastic gal!!!

  8. Lindsay, you are Awesome!! This is one of the many reasons I love ESK. The best yarn shop & staff in the world 🙂

  9. Lindsay, thank you for all that you do! Packages typically take ages to get to me, but I know that because of your hard work, I always get my yarn-y treats in a super speedy timeframe. ESK is the best! ❤

  10. You are amazing Lindsay!! Thank you for all you do and since I am relatively new to your company, I am impressed! I have been so excited to get my packages so fast! You are wonderful and I am sending you a giant hug for what you do for us. Thank you.

  11. Thanks for all you do! The fast and accurate shipping as well as the super responsive customer service a big part of the reason I’m so loyal to ESK.

  12. Very interesting! I suggest the company invests in a light with a timer so it is set to be on by the time you approach and enter the building. No one should have to enter a dark building and have to search for the light switches even though I’m sure you find them easily by now. Thank you for being the first person at work and order printer, etc.

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