Statistics 101

Get your pencils and calculators ready, we are taking you back to Statistics class! We are weirdly obsessed with numbers, names, and odd trends. When we find a rare slow moment at the shop, we dive right in to our database and archives! You have probably never wondered about any of this information but we thought we would share it nonetheless.

Largest order: Order 83109 @ 35,626 yards placed on Feb 17, 2014Largest Order

Other honorable mentions –

Order 135249 @ 30,556 yards

Order 141931 @ 30,437 yards

Order 82744 @ 30,000 yards

How old is ESK: 9 years

Rarest countries that we ship to: Chile, Argentina, & Thailand – We have never shipped to any African countries (big surprise, it’s a little toasty for wool)


This map is in Lindsay’s office – Amy adds a star to every city we ship to!

Most popular first name: Sarah

Number of orders shipped: 150,225 (as of August 31st)

Top 5 Yarnathoners of all time:

  1. nelson1122 with 702,090 yards
  2. lfsutton with 627,377 yards
  3. missknitty1 with 557,390 yards
  4. la.nateva with 556,388
  5. sjohnso3 with 543,760 yards

Our first customer: Jennifer in Merriam, KS (October 22, 2007) Here’s her order:

1 Cherry Tree Hill – Supersock, Tropical Storm

5 Artyarns – Supermerino, Color 139

4 Claudia Handpainted Yarn – Sport, John B

Our first dyer: Claudia Handpainted – here is Erin’s first e-mail ever to a dyer!

First Order EVER

Our newest dyer: Hedgehog Fibres

Famous ESK shoppers: Stephen West, Katie Franceschi, Vickie Howell

Biggest Black Friday: 1,837 orders shipped & 10,011 items sold in 2015

Number of customers who have participated every year since 2008 (when the Yarnathon began): 23

We hope your enjoyed your statistics lesson today, students! The kitties, especially Erin, love looking through old data so hopefully this scratched that part of your brain that has been asleep since college.

6 thoughts on “Statistics 101

  1. And kudos to all at ESK for exemplary customer service, fun diversions, cool incentives, and – goes without saying – yarn selections that are current, interesting, and suited to all needlers.

  2. This is awesome! I do find myself wondering about things like this from time to time, but always worry that these questions are inappropriate. Like, I’d love to know how much money people saved this past Monday (or what the average savings was), during the Monday Mashup sale. But then I think, that’s too close to asking how much money you made during the sale, which is totally not what I’m trying to ask.

  3. Cool!!! Love to read fun stuff like this!!! And, I love the Yarnathon and all the fun of shopping at Eat.Sleep.Knit!!! Go Starsheep!!! As a customer of at least a few years now, I agree with Carol who commented earlier!!!

  4. just a note on africa–i wore my targhee worsted shawl in morocco in june. it was pretty chilly! and sheep everywhere!!! there was a heard that headed over to the lawn of a government building to chow down on the grass and have a drink out of the fountain.

    cool stats.

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