Q4 Rundown


It’s October and we are so excited for the end of the year! We have new Booster Club badges, 3 new KALs, and all new Power Boosts begin today. Take a minute to read over what’s new so you can earn as many stars and yards as you can to help your team blast through space!

New Badges

  • Fill in the Blanket (20 points) – Complete your Carson Throw! (or any other 1000+ yard blanket)
  • Tail of Two Bases (20 points) – Complete a project that uses at least 300 yards each of two different bases of yarn.
  • The Braidy Bunch (10 points) – Complete a project that uses a braiding design element.
  • Winter Wear (10 points) – Complete a cold weather project using chunky weight (or heavier) yarn. Can combine multiple projects to hit 300 yard minimum
  • Marky Mark (5 points) – Use 6 or more stitchmarkers at the same time in a single project.
  • Loose Screw (5 points) – Earn this badge if your tip becomes disconnected from your cable while knitting.

3 New KALs


Colorwork Space Mittens – You must use 250 yards & have 5 fun patterns to choose from. The patterns range in difficulty for new & seasoned knitters!

  1. Earth & Star Mittens by Emily Bujold
  2. Andromeda Mittens by Emily Bujold
  3. Galileo Mittens by Laura Chau
  4. Starry Mittens by Brenda K. B. Anderson
  5. Comet by Tonja Osswald

Star Stitch – This KAL has a range of yardage minimums with coordinating prizes: 300-599 yards for 250 yards & .5 star and 600 yards+ for 500 yards & 1 star. You can use any pattern that incorporates the star stitch for at least 50% of the pattern.

Orbital Space Ornaments – The pattern Orbital Ornaments by Laura Chau (crochet alternative Space Mobile by Carolina Guzman) will round out our year of KALs! These would make adorable ornaments for your tree or great stuffies/toys. Use up those scraps as 200 yards/50g per color will make many ornaments!

Power Boosts

Check them all out on one page as well, if you prefer!

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